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Turkish police find dead body of missing American woman

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2 February 2013, Saturday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM, İSTANBUL
Turkish police have reportedly found the dead body of Sarai Sierra, a New Yorker who had been missing in Turkey since Jan. 21, in İstanbul.

The woman was found on Saturday in the Sarayburnu neighborhood in İstanbul and had reportedly been stabbed to death.

Sierra, 33, came to İstanbul on Jan. 8. She stayed for 13 days in the basement-floor room of a small house on Kömürcü Zeynel St. in the backstreets of Beyoğlu. The mother of two contacted her family for the last time on Jan. 21, the day she was supposed to begin her journey home to New York. That was the last time they heard from her.

 A man with the Gmail name “Taylan” was an initial person of interest in the case, and has been detained and questioned by police. The Vatan daily reported on Saturday that although the man and Sierra had planned to meet up on the day of her disappearance, she did not show up at their meeting spot, the city’s iconic Galata Tower.

The unusual case of a foreign woman going missing in the streets of İstanbul -- which has a relatively low rate of street crime -- garnered much attention in Turkish and world media. After Saturday’s news, messages of condolence flooded online comments sections of news reports and the Instagram page where Sierra documented her trip in photos.  


lots of questions need an answer. Given the intensive manhunt and the due publicity to the case throughout Turkey, why did it take the police to find the body this long. Secondly, even though the report doesn't specify when exactly she died, what happen to the claims that Siera had used her American...
I am a Turk, I am deeply saddened to read this. I am sick of such an atrocity against a woman. It is rare that a tourist gets killed in Turkey, but it should NEVER EVER happen. I am sure the Turkish police will find the killer/s, everyone trying to help and the killer/s will be brought to justice. O...
Hakan K
She took 2 side trips to Amsterdam and Munich? She was probably involved in drug smuggling! It is very suspicious that she was staying in one of the worst place for a tourist. Lots of drug dealers and smugglers lives there. I feel bad for her family but they should come forward! Truth will come out ...
What a sad end.As a Turkish citizen I am sorry that happened to you in Turkey.May you rest in peace and may Allah give strength and courage to your family at time of this awfull circumstances they have to go throught.I hope those whom committed the crime will get punished.If not allah is just and hi...
The Turk
A young woman with a husband and two children, decides to travel ALONE to a country far away like Turkey. How bizarre and why would any woman in that situation travel by herself? If single, ok., but why leave 2 small children and husband? I can never understand why people jeopardize their own lives ...
Very sad story she should have canceled the trip when her friend canceled why she was so determined to go to city like Istanbul by her self and specially at the back streets of beyoglu?? too many unknows to be answered,may God help her family ...
Very sad and I along with many wish for the perpetrator to be found and a just punishment given. This problem of women missing, raped or murdered is so wide spread I hope many will wisen up and be careful. For those opportunists like mariepr who posts that "So sad that a beautiful country is being m...
Sorry for this outcome, but she was very unconscious to travel to this foreign country alone. Knowingly some of us, puertoricans, have an Arab look and with this troubled world who knows, maybe she was confused with some kind of spy. This happened once in Cuba.
Oh Lord what a sad end
RIP Sarai. So unnecessary, why kill an innocent mother of two. So sad that a beautiful country is being mostly recognized for sexual slavery rings or worst. My plans to visit: cancel..
What a tragedy! Shame! Strange such terrible murder could take place in the safest areas of Istanbul. Dear Serai rest in peace ; strength for the family and friends. Hope criminals will get what they deserve!
Why? I am so sad about this. R.I.P. Sarai Sierra. My heart goes out to your family. I hope they can get some closure.
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