17 April 2014, Thursday
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Egypt and Turkey hold joint naval exercise

8 October 2012, Monday /REUTERS
The Egyptian and Turkish navies have begun a week-long joint drill in the eastern Mediterranean, an Egyptian military official said on Monday.

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, an Islamist elected in June, has sought to deepen ties with Turkey and this month addressed the conference of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development (AK) Party.

Turkey was one of the first countries to speak out in support of the Egyptian uprising which toppled Hosni Mubarak and led to the Muslim Brotherhood winning power.

The annual drill, which is called Sea of Friendship and began on Sunday, is one of several such joint military manoeuvres between Egypt and Turkey.

The official, who asked not to be identified, said it involved five Egyptian navy units and the Egyptian air force.

The official also said Egypt would hold the "Bright Star" joint exercise with the US military in the second half of 2013. The drill, held every two years, was cancelled in 2011 because of the political turmoil in Egypt. It is seen as a cornerstone of U.S.-Egyptian military relations.

In 2009, the exercise also included forces from Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

@ rich murphy.Perhaps you have to read George Horton's memories in order to be informed about Izmir's burning and massacres.You might be suprised but it will be educational.
Chris Athens
@Rich, the past stays in the past and we should learn from it. Todays people are not from that era and many generations have come to past. We muslims must learn to forgive and stick together and hopefully one day, join forces...now how great would that be. A Muslim army to protect Muslim nations fr...
Great news, the sooner Egypt and Turkey draw closer the better. The reson Egyptians are in the situation they are in is because for decades they have been subjugated by foreign agents. Scum who who worked for foreign powers and not the people of Egypt. Mubarak and his gang are the reason why Egypt i...
@ Critical To spend money on education does not pay for a dictator (which Mursi IS), because it proves to be much easier to fool ignorant and uneducated people, who believe every nonsense (religion icluded) you tell them!
more critical
Great News, Muslim countries should cooperate together.
Over 50% of the people of Egypt are illiterate. The GDP per capita is around 2300 usd. Why on earth A) are they spending money on this instead of learning their kids to write and read and B) Why does Turkey hang out with them and C) Why does Turkey accept that Egypt has blocked Gaza, when at the sam...
Cr Itical
Too bad the exercise was not put off until Egypt took delivery of its new 1.5 billion dollar submarine it is buying from Germany. It nice to know that while Egypt is looking around for aid packages it has an excess of funds, not needed to feed and educate its population, to spend on a sub. No doub...
If Turkiye has learned any lesson from how Arabs treated Turks in the near past, it would never get involved in their internal affairs again. I am sure Turks (Arab's brothers in Islam), who were murdered by Arabs who cooperated with the victors of WWI to topple Ottoman rule (Arab's Khalif in Islam),...
rich murphy
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