18 April 2014, Friday
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Iran says it will be ‘Turkey's turn' if it goes ahead with Syria policies

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7 August 2012, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
A top Iranian general has warned Turkey that “it will be its turn” if it continues to “help advance the warmongering policies of the United States in Syria.”

“Al-Saud, Qatar, and Turkey are responsible for the blood being shed on Syrian soil,” Iranian Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Seyed Hassan Firouzabadi was quoted as saying by the Iranian media on Monday.

“This is not an appropriate precedent, that neighboring countries of Syria contribute to the belligerent purposes of the Great Satan, the United States. If these countries have accepted such a precedent, they must be aware that after Syria, it will be the turn of Turkey and other countries,” he reportedly said.

Firouzabadi added that Iran fears “Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have become victims of promoting the terrorism of al-Qaeda and we warn our friends about this.”

Iran has stood by its ally Syria despite the growing international pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, while Turkey has been among Assad's fiercest critics, demanding he stand down to defuse a 17-month uprising against his rule.



How blissful situation is this for Israel!!! One could not think this scenario in his wildest dream!! Muslim nations are fighting among themselves and Israel is just a watcher with smiling face!! Because European wannabe Turkey is doing its job efficiently in weakening all enemies of Israel. Shame o...
Is somebody speaking more about "zero conflicts policy"? Do you remember the friendly honeymoon with Iran a year ago? Turkey has now a big problem: a front of 1000 km to defend against PKK and Iran and an army without generals. How good that Israel has no more political and military relations with...
It is just a question of time when a Turkish spring will begin. People are fed up with the empty rhetoric of the politicians who talk loud instead of addressing people's needs. The judicial system is corrupt to the root as well, not much trust in the military either and no prospect of joining the EU...
Iran always fought against Muslims, Ottoman and Caliphate.. There is no any war against the enemies of Islam in the history of Iran.. Iran continue to the same dirty games by the sectarian bigotry and support the blody terrorist Asad against innocent victims of Syria..
the erdogan regime has a bad luck with choosing false friends and insulting real friends. until the "IHH fleet action" israel was absolutly loyal to turkey from 1948 on and turkey had a great benefit from this relationship while iran and syria were working against turkish intrests all the time.
Iranain General is right.if turkey thinks ther are role model for muslims it is just their wishful thinkin.no muslim will follow the sick ideology of Kemal(born crypto jew)which even does not allow women to wear scarfs.Turkey should not bully Syria just bcoz it is a larger country.turkey is bidding ...
Yunas Khattak
And after that, it will be Iran's turn. They also murder their citizens.
we will try to get all the support we can from who ever provide us to force turks to recognise our universal rights of autonomy and education in mother tounge and political freedom.
Tell it how it is @Ahmed old boy why don't you! Spot on my old cocker!As long as you haven't got 19 old cigarette lighters in your possession you're safe in the Land of Contradictions!
All we Kurds care about is to gain our freedom. If that involves standing with Iran and Syria, so be it. We stood with Israel and considered standing with Turkey... but that didnt help us, did it?! Though Syria and Iran a great KURDISTAN will be created. We dont care anymore. Our freedom is the most...
Finaly Zionisim acheived its goal of playing one Muslem nation against another .The AK party deserves Golda Myer award for Evilisim....Althou war has no winners ,but it does have the power of making radical change , And that is General Firuozabadi want to convey..Change is inevitable the st...
Iran, Syria and China will keep Assad in place. As a retribution to Turkeys "play" in Syria, Assad will create a strong Kurdish Autonomy within its borders. Iran will follow suite in order for Turkey to be surrounded by KURDISTANs. This in turn will give Syria and Iran a considerable power over Turk...
More extremist rhetoric from a country who has had to lose face many times because of threats made and then having to back down at the last minute.Iran is feeling the heat and would do well not to antagonize Turkey.
Iran is currently occupying 3 Arab states : Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
Long live the Free Syrian Army! This dog "Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Seyed Hassan Firouzabad" forgot one thing. In Turkey there is freedom, a growing economy, and opportunity. In Iran none of that exists. That's why Turkey is experiencing prosperity; because the government has granted its people relat...
Ahmed; Aleppo, Syria
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