Iraqi military, peshmerga clash near Syrian border, local media reports

In this feb. 17, 2010 file photo, a Kurdish peshmerga (C) stands guard with an Iraqi policeman (L) and an Iraqi army soldier (R) on their first patrol together as the combined security force on the outskirts of Kirkuk. (Photo: AP)

July 27, 2012, Friday/ 14:51:00

The Iraqi military and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) peshmerga forces clashed near the country’s border with Syria, the Kurdistan News Agency (AKnews) reported on Friday.

The report claimed that two Iraqi brigades assaulted the 8th Peshmerga Brigade near the Iraqi-Syrian border early this morning, citing KRG Deputy Minister of Peshmerga Anwar Haji Osman.

However, the report was denied later in the day by Maj. Gen. Jabbar Yawar, spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) peshmerga forces. Yawar said the report is baseless.

He did add that a regiment from the 10th Iraqi Division was to be deployed to the border with Syria on Friday morning, but that the 8th Peshmerga Brigade prevented the army from entering the area. He said peshmerga forces told Iraqi troops that there was no need for the army to be stationed in the area because peshmerga forces had already secured the area.

“There was no sort of war or confrontation between the Iraqi army and peshmerga,” he was quoting as saying by AKnews.

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