17 April 2014, Thursday
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Greek Cyprus ratifies military cooperation deal with Israel

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3 July 2012, Tuesday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
The Greek Cypriot administration ratified a defense and military cooperation agreement with Israel in its parliament on Tuesday, opening the way for military arms trade between Greek Cyprus and Israel.

The agreement between the two administrations was signed in January 2012, during Greek Cypriot Defense Minister Dimitris Iliadis’s visit to his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Barak, in Tel Aviv. The agreement was submitted to the parliament of Greek Cyprus on Monday.

According to Greek Cypriot media outlets, the agreement, titled “Mutual Protection of Confidential Information,” envisages secrecy of bilateral military and defense programs and protection of confidential information exchanged between the two governments. The agreement bars the submission of its principles or actions undertaken in relation to it to any national or international court in the case of a dispute or disagreement between the administrations.

Israel and Greek Cyprus have started to seek closer ties in regards to cooperation in the fields of energy and defense, which may present challenges for Turkey.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to Greek Cyprus in February, the first ever visit by an Israeli prime minister to the island. Israeli President Shimon Peres also had talks with Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias during a key visit to the island in November 2011, discussing gas finds in the eastern Mediterranean, a discovery that has sparked a crisis between Turkey and Greek Cyprus.

Israel, which also conducts drilling off its coast, has strained relations with Turkey as well. Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador and suspended military agreements after a UN panel investigating a deadly May 31, 2010, raid on an international aid flotilla headed for Gaza said in its report that Israel’s blockade of Gaza was legal.

Cherokee wrote, "Perhaps they should have read the Torah before they signed the papers, of course they'd have to read it in the original Hebrew, and NOT the sanitized English version that's up for public consumption." Indeed my friend, they do NOT have to read the "sanitized" English version as thei...
For once good news!!
Admission of failure for Israel,in order to create a coalition with neighbors or even except Turkey as friend rather than fiend. Israel enemies are within the own border. Not even Romney can save you guys..The time of Neo Con support is over.
Moral of the story! Know thine enemies!
polital dependent to EU, monitary dependent to Russia, military dependence to Israel...it is time for Plan B...not for Greek CypRus - these guys have no Plan B...KKTC should make a referendum if they want to join Turkey - if positive Turkey should declare KKTC as something like `Free Economic Region...
Christofia / Netanyahoo = Stalin / Hitler pact
This is an internal matter between Israel and Cyprus, it has nothing to do with Turkey.
I thought Jews are good business man. It is ambitious and very delicate. Enjoy the exklusive fur shops.
If Turkey's leadership doesn't like it they can complain to current EU Term President-Republic of Cyprus.
The Republic of Cyprus-current EU term President-has every right to sign alliances and agreements with Israel or any other nation. If Turkey doesn't like it, too bad.
I wish Israel and Turkey could have maintained friendly relations. But in view of Turkey's seemingly unending hostility, it is only logical for Israel to strengthen its ties with Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia too, all countries that are concerned with Ankara's belligerent posture in ...
Greek South Cyprus has no significance, or does Israel plans to place a radar to intercept Iranian missiles from South Cyprus :D Lets see how the Iron Sieve, will become Swiss "Feta" Cheese :D
It's fascinating to watch the Greek Cypriots crawl into bed with the fascist, theocratic Israelis. Don't the GCs realize that everyone that is not Jewish is seen by these frenetic propagandists as sub-human? I suppose the GCs must be truly naive and desperate. Perhaps they should have read the Torah...
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