17 April 2014, Thursday
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Turkish army says hit PKK targets in northern Iraq

Turkish warplanes and attack helicopters have struck terrorist targets inside Iraq after a terrorist attack killed eight Turkish soldiers, Turkey's military said Wednesday - the latest attempt by Turkey to fight off a persistent threat from terrorists seeking regional autonomy.

Terrorists attacked Turkish military units with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades Tuesday in southeastern Turkey. The clash - one of the fiercest in several months - left at least 26 terrorists dead along with the eight soldiers. The military also said one terrorist was captured alive.

Terrorists use northern Iraq as a springboard for attacks on Turkish targets in their decades-long fight for autonomy in Turkey's Kurdish-dominated southeast. The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people since terrorists of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) took up arms in 1984.

Numerous Turkish air strikes and incursions over the past decades into northern Iraq have yielded mixed results as terrorists merely return to the sparsely populated and rugged border areas after Turkish troops withdraw.

The military said Wednesday that Turkish jets and attack helicopters have "effectively" struck terrorist targets across the border in Iraq. It did not elaborate but vowed to fulfill its duties with "determination until achieving results."

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç called on the terrorists to "lay down their arms" as thousands of flag-waving Turks flocked to mosques for the funerals of slain soldiers.

The terrorists have stepped up their attacks amid efforts by the Turkish government to reconcile with the Kurds.

The government has granted the Kurds more cultural rights, such as introducing elective Kurdish-language courses. Terrorists, activists and politicians, however, insist on full Kurdish education, saying elective lessons fell short of their needs.

The president of Iraq's self-ruled Kurdish region, Massoud Barzani, on Wednesday called for an end to fighting between Turkey and terrorists.

"The time for war and weapons has passed," Barzani told Turkey's state television, which began broadcasts in Sorani, a dialect of Kurdish spoken in parts of northern Iraq and western Iran.

Barzani expressed sorrow over the losses in Tuesday's violence and said the continuation of the fighting would only bring more "bloodshed."

Turkey, by launching broadcasts in different Kurdish dialects, is trying to reach Kurds in and beyond its borders as economic and trade interests have lately improved ties between the Turkish government and political leaders in northern Iraq.

Arınç, however, reiterated Turkey's calls on Barzani to help prevent attacks by terrorists from northern Iraq.

"We expect from Mr. Barzani to do more in fighting against terrorism," Arınç told the same television program, which Barzani joined live from northern Iraq.

Turkey has in the past asked Barzani to capture and handover terrorist leaders who are based on Mt. Kandil deep inside northern Iraq. Barzani in return has urged a political solution as Iraqi Kurdish leaders said they did not have the manpower to fight the PKK.


sent me email thanks regards great turk
What breeds violence, David, is pepole like you who defend the PKK, and the inevitable terror that comes with it. This encourages them to dish out more of the same. They are terrorists, they were always terrorists. Their opening acts in armed operations in the 1980s involved raiding Kurdish villages...
One by one, the PKK will pay the price for the bloodshed they caused. I wish Turkey all the best in the fight against these killers.
Violence breeds violence! Clearly TZ is doing its best in trying to prevent a proper understanding and a just solution to this festering problem. Doggedly calling the Kurdish National liberation struggle "terrorism" erects an almost insurmountable mental roadblock to peace. In addition to the milita...
I don't trust the Turkish military. They knew their base was going to be hit and they let it be hit. Now the airforce is bombing. In all likelihood they are hitting villages and killing civilians indiscriminately. What heroes these people are not. Time to stop the stupid game of making yourself seem...
tehlikeli yabanci
Hit them and hit them HARD!
Impressive picture, BEWARE ENEMIES OF TURKEY
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