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Gül best candidate to become NATO secretary-general, Turkish minister says

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24 May 2012, Thursday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
European Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış, commenting on recent suggestions that a Turk could become the next secretary-general of NATO, has stated that President Abdullah Gül would be the best choice for the top alliance job, provided that Gül would be willing to take it.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday after talks with Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, Bağış spoke in dismissive terms about a possible candidacy of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the same post. “I wish Sarkozy a nice holiday. I think he is busy fishing somewhere in the Mediterranean now,” Bağış said of the former French leader.

“NATO could not find anyone better than Gül as secretary-general I have no doubt, but I don’t know whether he would accept such a post. Either way, we should respect his decision,” Bağış stated.

Furthermore, Gül, attending a NATO summit held earlier this week in Chicago, maintained that Turks could undertake more important posts in NATO, given that the Turkish army is the second largest within the alliance after the US. Gül, however, stated there have been no talks on a specific Turkish official becoming a candidate for the top NATO post.

The Atlantic Council, an influential non-partisan US think tank released a report on May 14, suggesting that a Turkish NATO secretary-general could be elected within the next 10 years, given Turkey’s exemplary contribution in its 60-year membership in the organization.

@C. Emre Gülsever. Firstly I would like to thank you for the feedback. Based on what you have written, it is amply evident that my comments did in fact upset and or dismayed you. I am truly sorry about that. Today I spent sometime carefully reading and weighing your comments. I therefore admit I was...
@Thessalonian, i sometimes used to tend to and even willing to see you as a little bit moderate greek with balanced views, but your recent comments especially the fact that you say "He is as turkishly arrogant and deluded as a Turk could possibly be!" about President Gul completely disappointed me a...
C. Emre Gülsever
Most of the previous commentators are jokers and ignorant. Their focus is what the west say and not what Turkey can do. Turkey should in fact forget about NATO that failed to even tame Taliban and form alliance with other like minded countries. Turkey will remain a gate keeper to Europe than a real ...
You are kidding us Mr. Bagis, aren't you? Wasn't he the one who recently called the EU a "miserable Union" and the Republic of Cyprus, a legitimate EU member nation, "a half country" while on a lip paying service mission to the equally arrogant and snobbish British royal courts? He is as turkishly a...
Tweedle Dee is out making ridiculous statements once again! What a huge embarrassment for Turkey as well as the AKP and what is even funnier is the AKP has no clue about how funny they appear on the World Stage. PRISONER You are spot on! No matter how unfair, you are judged by the company you ke...
I am not agreeing with this writer. Secratary General of Nato must always be someone from America or West. Turkey is Asian country and is not suited to be leading Nato.
who becomes the next secretary-general of NATO has nothing to do with the size of a country's army rather, the quality of the candidate's brain. I don't know about president Gul, but Mr Bagis is clearly lacking in that department. When is this embarrassment to Turkey going to be replaced?
Where will this charade of self appreciation lead to?Let non Turks suggest it.Humility is better than such a blind arrogance.
Whilst Mr Gul seems to be a respectable candidate for the post, the antics of his party and Prime Minister in world diplomacy mean he has no chance. Scanning UK, US and european newspapers today, the majority have denigrating articles towards Turkiye due to it's latest gaffes. In particular the Isra...
The Prisoner
Bagis' thoughts about who should be the next UNSG couldn't matter less. He's about as respected in diplomatic circles as a scarecrow.
Gul will make the best candidate to become NATO secretary general as you, Egemen Bagis, would make the best candidate to become the custodian for the LA Zoo.
Take a Look in the Mirror
LOL, no chance whatsoever IMHO.
Oh dear. Mass hysteria in Cyprus and Greece.
As far as I know this has not been discussed in Nato or among its members, so I can not really see why Mr Bagis talks about it as a serious alternative. It might be in the future, but at the moment no one has even mentioned it except Mr Gul and Mr Bagis, but no other country.
Mr.Gul is the best candidate because he is more conciliatory and more skilled in conflict resolution unlike Mr.Sarkozy who is a divider and not much liked around the world
Bagis is a Court Jester for Turkey's foreign policy establishment. He's laughed at in Brussels, otherwise ignored.
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