Another dies of tick-borne disease in Çankırı

May 22, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:38:00

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), which is transmitted by tick bites and can be fatal, killed a woman in Çankırı's Ilgaz district on Tuesday.

Cemile Tiryaki, 70, was first taken to the Ilgaz State Hospital after she was bitten by a tick and then transferred to the Ankara Research and Training Hospital with a suspected case of CCHF, where she subsequently died.

Three individuals from Kastamonu, a shepherd from Tokat and a farmer from Çorum also died of CCHF last week. There is no vaccine against the disease, which causes hemorrhaging, high fever, muscle pain and vomiting and which has a mortality rate of about 30 percent. The disease is mainly contracted by farm and slaughterhouse workers in the countryside in Central Anatolia and the Black Sea region.

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