President Gül, ministers meet Turkish NBA stars in Chicago

Turkish NBA stars Mehmet Okur (l2) and Ömer Aşık (r2) poses to cameras with Turkish President Abdullah Gül (c) in Chicago on Saturday. (Photo: Cihan)

May 20, 2012, Sunday/ 14:28:00

Turkish NBA stars Ömer Aşık and Mehmet Okur paid a visit to Turkish President Abdullah Gül, who is in Chicago for a NATO summit, on Saturday.

Chicago Bulls' Aşık and Portland Trail Blazers' Okur visited Gül and other Turkish officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.

The NBA stars posed together with the Turkish statesmen for the cameras.President Gül advised 2.11-meter-high Okur to be careful when entering the hall where the group met. Gül later asked Okur about his injury and who the NBA winner will be this season. Both players stated that they think the Oklahoma City Thunders will walk out of this season's NBA play-offs as champions.

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