17 April 2014, Thursday
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Ege University professor bans headscarf inside faculty building

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17 May 2012, Thursday /ÖMER ORUÇ/TEKİN GÜRBULAK
A professor from Ege University’s department of astronomy and space sciences was caught on camera Wednesday afternoon when taking photographs of headscarved students and preventing them from entering the building.

The Higher Education Board (YÖK) lifted a ban on the use of the Muslim headscarf on university campuses in 2010. However, some universities continue to impose the notorious ban. Opponents of the ban, liberal intellectuals and conservatives think that such a ban contravenes fundamental rights as it deprives some of their right to education.

On Wednesday Professor Esat Rennan Pekünlü was captured by cameramen of the Cihan news agency when he was standing at the door of the faculty building and taking photos of headscarved students. Cameramen had arrived at the faculty after some students tipped them off that the professor was violating the rights of women wearing a headscarf at their university. Pekünlü would not permit those students to enter the building when the students tried to attend their classes. The professor did not comment when cameramen asked him what he would do with the photos of the students. He only said he was using his “democratic rights.” The professor, however, did not take the photos of male students or female students who were not wearing the headscarf, and allowed them to enter the building. The Ege University administration announced on Thursday that an investigation has been launched into the professor. In October 2010, YÖK sent a circular to university administrations, asking them not to send students out of class or university campuses for wearing the headscarf.

Oh! How terrible it is! Why one should be deprived of one's democratic rights? One should be free to wear whatever clothes one wants. It is a hateful violation of human rights.
Osman I agree the taking of photographs was wrong this was the point. but when you read a succinct reasoning behind the headscarf issue as Izmirli made ,its not unusual to want to lend your weight behind this balanced view, whats wrong with encouraging other points,Osman are you afraid of free spee...
Izmir, Me and dedikodu stick to the point. As a woman how you feel if a University professor was taking pictures of female students without their approval? This to me sounds very sick and twisted. This man needs to see a psychiatrist.
Osman Emir
I can't believe that you so called educated persons still equate the headscarf with some hidden agenda or ulterior intent. Wake up and smell the roses. If any female CHOSES to dress herself with a headscarf then that is her democratic right and the fact that you want to strip her of that right is ...
lost souls
Why some people belonging to faculties and administration in Turkish universties are obsessed with head scarf. I have yet to see a scientific or logical explanation given by them against head coverings. I mean even in Catholic schools in Canada, a lot of Muslim girls with head scarfs are enrolled an...
A. khan
The photo above the article is shocking in itself. First, it is an act of objectification of headscarved women. Second it is inadmissible for a professor to deal with women's clothing and even worse to prevent them from attending their classes. If he is really a proponent of modernization of Turki...
I do not understand why my comment is not published. Here again: Who gives this professor the right to take photos of the students? I think that this professor should not be objective and neutral in his teaching.
What a well presented post by Izmirli. I too agree its not the headscarf itself which is a issue, its the symbol it has come used to represent. As a Turk studying in UK were the headscarf is allowed on campus it seems to be a natural representation of the person ,at home it seems to be worn as or ...
NO THANKS You are spot on! It won't be long before Turkey looks just like Iran. What is the purpose of wearing a coat in the hot summer time? Modesty is one thing. Stupidity is quite another. If the AKP was so fast to defend headscarved women and value them above all others, then why aren't th...
Dear Nagayec: I totally agree with you. The Ege University must take disciplinary action against Prof. Pekunlu and punish him accordingly.
Muhammad elHuseini. You say that Turkey is a sunni country. Turkey is secular. Further you say that we should have religious education but if you are not sunni, you should have classes in moral? Moral and religion are two completely different things and have very little to do with each other.
No thanks
The whole 'headscarf' issue is one which both sides use to their advantage and disadvantage. Of course no sane person would object to an innocent item of clothing. However we also know that this item of headgear has become a symbol of something else not just religion but of social and political defi...
Hopefully in time this type of discrimination will be rooted out and the old style Professors and Lecturers will be replaced with more democratically minded educators.
It looks like in Turkey, every body is the boss of their own. If the higher education authority has already lifted the ban, how can this man intimidate these poor female students? On what authority is he acting upon when he is taking these defenceless students' photos, and scaring them from their cl...
This professor should be diciplined. Even in U.S. and Canada they do allow all religions to practise as long as they do not disturb the activities of the organiztion. This is really an islamic secularism in the true sense. Turkey being a majority Sunni country, should introduce Islamic education...
Muhammad elHuseini
I'm afraid the Professor has a made a grave error in trying to "defend democratic rights" by depriving students of their right to an education. If a woman wants to wear a scarf, that's her choice not his. If the State demands all women wear scarfs and persecutes ones who refuse, that's the State's p...
it really hurts to see this happening in turkey inspite of its islamic heritage. leave alone hijab in india muslim girls are allowed to come to the university with their face covered.my sister is a professor and a post graduate in organic chemistry. face covering didnt become a hindrance in academic...
Asif Khan Yusufzai
The professor should be tired for taking photos of girls .. its called sexual harassment in U.S
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