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Burcuoğlu: Insistence on ‘genocide’ bill to hamper Turkish-French ties

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10 May 2012, Thursday /FERHAN KÖSEOĞLU
Francois Hollande winning the French presidency from Nicolas Sarkozy has increased concerns in Ankara since Hollande is regarded as being more deeply engaged in the Armenian “genocide” bill than his predecessor Sarkozy, although he is expected to be more flexible on the issue of Turkey's EU bid.

“Insistence on the Armenian ‘genocide' bill might take the relations between Turkey and France into a stalemate. Carrying on in the same manner [on the issue of the ‘genocide' bill], the two countries will end up confronting each other,” said Tahsin Burcuoğlu, Turkey's ambassador to France, voicing concerns over Hollande's interest in and support for the Armenian genocide issue similar to that of former French leader Sarkozy.

In 2007 Sarkozy vetoed the opening of five EU negotiating chapters with Turkey. Ankara hopes this veto will be removed during the new French presidency. Burcuoğlu considered the canceling of the veto very important for the progress of relations between the two sides. Noting that other EU countries also are behind the veto of Turkey's bid for membership, Burcuoğlu said, “If France's veto is lifted from the five negotiating chapters, then other EU members will not be able to hide behind this excuse.” He further added: “We want to hope that this period [Hollande's presidency] will be favorable for the development of Turkish-French ties. We want to believe that past difficulties will remain in the past.”

Burcuoğlu mentioned that in the coming days he will meet with Hollande's team, underlining that there are huge differences between the views of Hollande and Sarkozy.

Commenting on an anti-Turkey declaration made by Sarkozy in 2007, Burcuoğlu said, “Hollande did not state that there was no place for Turkey in Europe.”

In 2007, President Sarkozy said in a prime-time interview on the TF1 and France 2 television stations that he opposes Turkish membership because "Turkey is not in Europe. It's in Asia Minor."

Believing that socialist leader Hollande will be involved in the process of Turkey's EU bid from an objective point of view, Burcuoğlu said, “Hollande used the expression that this process [of Turkey's EU bid] will be of long duration.”

Two new consulates during new French presidency

Burcuoğlu also mentioned that during the new French presidency two more Turkish consulates are planned to open, adding that during Sarkozy's government two consulates had been planned for the cities of Nantes and Bordeaux. “In the initial phase, the Sarkozy administration gave its consent for the consulates to be opened; however, later, due to the tense relations between the two sides, the process stalled,” said Burcuoğlu. He stated that the Armenian “genocide” bill that came about during the Sarkozy period not only tightened solidarity among the Turkish community but also quintupled the number of voters of Turkish origin in France wanting to participate in the elections.

There are currently four Turkish consulates operating in France, with plans to increase that number to six.

The native red Indians in the USA where completely slaughtered off the face of the earth....but do the Armenians care! NO.....BUT THEY LOVE TO LIVE IN THE USA, Or what about the Armenians living in Australia do they ever address the brutal crimes christians Commited against abourigenies! It's fine l...
I think the French are just as confused as the Armenians! wasn't it the Paris Peace Conference, immediately after World War I heard all the evidence and made decisions about what was right and wrong. Since the Paris Peace Conference at the time rejected Armenian claims--what right does any nation or...
I keep on reading from some Bafoons the " French Invasion Of Turkey in WW1?? Dont these rather challenged invidiuals know that Ottoman Turkey had sided with Germany/Austria against the allies? Who keeps on filling their pathetic brains with such false information? Oh I forgot about the Turkish Histo...
It took over 7o years for Turkey to finally apologise for the Genocide of the Dersim population which 80,000 were killed, as for the Armenians it will also happen, once Turkey has enough courage to stand up and say it. Some of you Turks commenting here should look arounf Western Armenia and ask why ...
No restoration of relations with France and no economic development for Armenian terrorist clans through open borders. Normalization means Hollande respects the decision of his own French court, Armenian lies are renounced, illegal Armenian occuupation of Karabakh is ended, and reparations are made ...
Having any relations with France before justice for French and Armenian terrorism is an insult to the Turkish people.
If the Armenian Genocide is a fiction, as many Turks and their government in Ankara insist, why then bend out of shape in such a manner. With such panicked reaction one would think that the Armenian Genocide is indeed a reality and it's triggering the chaos button in Ankara. Let the French and the w...
Making territorial claims on other countries and references to a so-called “armenian genocide” without court decision are illegal. Until the illegal Armenian occupation of Karabakh ends, Armenian lies are denounced, and illegal references to a fictitious “armenian genocide” along with territoria...
Deniz Bora
In 1915, France and 6 others invaded Turkey and armed Armenian terrorist gangs. Turkey relocated the involved Armenian terrorists to Lebanon. This was legitimate self-defense and necessary for the security and territorial integrity of Turkey. The real crime of genocide was the illegal creation of a...
Armenian lies must be renounced, territorial claims on Turkey must be removed from Armenian constitution, and illegal armenian occupation of Karabakh must end. France must renounce Armenian lies. Otherwise no relations.
Eylen Karagoz
Everyone knows that it is very hard to change the facts of one’s history especially in Turkey’s case when they have already rewritten their history based on falsehoods once before. Unless Turkey comes clean, as they eventually will, no one will take them seriously. No EU membership, no respect as a ...
Saaten Maagar
Turkish blackmail and threats the two pillars of its foreign policy are alive and well. France acknowledged the Armenian Genocide in 2001 and is among the 20 other countries that have done so. Which part of this fact is not understandable by Turkey? Majority of the Turkish population know this also,...
Uncle Billy
Turkey is the one that should finally stop carrying on in the same manner and INSTEAD, should finally admit the genociddal episode of their country's history like the rest of the mature democratic countries have done by now! About time Turkey grows up and speaks the truth, which is far more valuable...
The veto is not based on Turkeys geographical location, but merely on the facts that Turkey is not democratic as it would need to be to enter EU. Turkeys press freedom ranking is 148 (from 178 countries). Also the freedom of expression is as of 1600 a.c.. Torture and oppression are still used toward...
It is lf course our FREE CHOISE to decide how we want to react to the french bill. If we want to break ghe relation with France we can do that and if we think that it is more benefitial for Turkey to have France as an ally then we do not have to break the relation. So it is our choise, not Frances.
we can choose
We also hope that Hollande accelerates the passage of Genocide Bill.
France invaded Turkey in 1915 and armed Dashnak/Hunchak Armenian terrorists and is distorting and re-writing history with Armeian lies. These are crimes under international law. Turkey must ensure that these crimes are rectified before any positive relations can develop with French.
NO apology for French 1915 invasion of Turkey. NO renouncing of Armenian lies. NO compensation for Armenian and French terrorism. Means NO TIES.
Great news. Hollande wants to focus on the injustices of WWI. He can start by reflecting on the French invasion of Turkey and the providing of weapons to armenian terrorists. Then he can apologize. Nothing else would be sincere. In the meantime, Turkey should make it abundantly clear to French that ...
Serkan Yilmaz
Genocide denial dossier remains open until Turkey recognizes it.
I am glad Hollande wishes to re-address history. That will mean an apology for the criminal French invasion of Turkey in 1915 with its imperialist motives, and the illegal arming of armenian terrorist gangs, followed by legal and financial compensations for the resulting attrocities against the Turk...
Armenian issue will not go away, the sooner it is solved the lesser will be the damage to Turkey and to the Turkish people
Turkey's pundits chronically misread politics in the west because they lack understanding of how politics work in fully democratic nations. Erdogan may have great power to influence events in Turkey, but such is not the case for the President of France. He doesn't create political movements or polic...
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