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Betek opens $15 mln factory in Kayseri, more to come

29 April 2012, Sunday /GAMZE GÜL
Betek, a leading paint and heat isolation systems company, opened a new factory costing $15 million in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri on Friday, and signaled more factories will be established by saying it's the “beginning of an Anatolian journey.”

The company, known for including brands such as Filli Boya, Fawori, Alsecco and Alligator, built the factory in Kayseri to produce 36 million square meters of heat isolation systems annually. Speaking to the participants at the opening ceremony, company General Manager Tayfun Küçükoğlu announced the factory in Kayseri will mark the beginning of the “Anatolian journey,” stating, “We plan to build another factory in the Black Sea region in the near future.”

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız also spoke at the event and stressed the importance of implementing the ministry's energy saving policies by businesses and households, saying, “ We are excited to see these policies being implemented in the Betek factory, and energy saving is a culture that needs to be established in Turkey.” He noted that if governments continue without any interference in energy saving policies, the atmospheric temperature of the world would increase by six-and-a-half degrees by the year 2050. However, if these policies are implemented, there will only be an increase of two degrees, and it will remain stable. He concluded his speech by noting: “As a country, we have the capacity to save energy by 20 percent. We don't have any option other than saving energy because compared to many countries we consume 2-3 times more energy than them.”

Betek, which aims to decrease the excessive use of energy by building heat isolation systems for houses, has provided these systems to 380,000 homes since 2003. Küçükoğlu said, “By doing this, we have saved 590 million cubic meters of natural gas worth TL 620 million.”

With the opening of its third plant after one in Kocaeli province and one in Egypt, the company expects to provide employment opportunities directly and indirectly to 8,000 workers. Currently the company has a total of 4,500 stores in Turkey. The heat isolation systems market, which increased fivefold in the previous several years, has contributed to the sector by providing total revenue of $3 billion. Betek had total revenue of TL 668 million in 2011.

Furthermore, the government implemented the requirement for each new building to have energy performance and energy identification certifications; sector data shows if this policy is implemented for 16 million houses that are older, the energy savings would be $10 billion.

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