18 April 2014, Friday
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Grossman: US wants best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel

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24 April 2012, Tuesday / TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES
US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman said on Monday that the United States wanted the best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Grossman, who is visiting Ankara ahead of the NATO Summit in Chicago, in which important decisions are expected to be made on Afghanistan, said he would exchange views with Turkish officials regarding Afghanistan.

Grossman said he would like to thank Turkish authorities for their contributions to Afghanistan, stating that he came to Ankara to discuss Afghanistan's present situation and its future.

Turkey and the US have been pursuing the same policy on Afghanistan, he said, adding that they hoped it will continue after 2014, when NATO plans to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. Grossman said the two countries will keep playing important roles for security and stability in Afghanistan.

When he was told that the Turkish public started to question Turkey's presence in Afghanistan after a helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 12 Turkish soldiers, Grossman said this situation was valid not only for Turkey but also for all NATO members, stating that Afghans, Americans, Turks and other nationals have made sacrifices in the past decade.

Grossman said that as part of an agreement reached in Bonn, Turkey and the US will continue to contribute to the transition process in Afghanistan after 2014.

When reminded of news reports that Turkey had vetoed Israel's participation in the NATO Summit in Chicago, Grossman said they wanted the best possible relationship between the two countries, and that this is in the interests of Turkey, Israel and the United States.

Establishing good relations among nations is a grand aim and desire of the oppressed humanity, but some construct walls and seize lands and drive other people out from their homes in wilderness, bulldoze their houses, kill the people and leave them hungry without medical care or homes.
@ Migo: What problem do you have with reading comprehension? Give back the land we stole??? Sorry, but as a Cherokee, my people never stole land -- our land was taken from us by Greedy Christian European invaders as they slaughtered more than 50 million souls during the world's longest and most hein...
This is your method, you have to have everything forced. Instead of keeping your allies the normal way, you threaten them either directly or indirectly telling them that you will continue your terrible ways and they must shush and not respond although you don't listen to them. You continue bullying ...
@migo: I will copy/paste your comment on the subject `Israel grants legal status to three West Bank outposts, Palestinians angry`!
Amigo:everything what u write fits to Israel! Occupation, Landgrabbing, illegal and condemned settlements, etc. everything reported by UN. What is your actual point on Turkey. We have even newspapers where L like you can give their opinion...
Marc Grossman is a Jew, and will Always side with Israel, no matter how wrong Israel is. This guy is there because every key position in the US American Administration is captures by Israel lovers Jews.
Mr Grossman is very right. But the question is if Israel is prepared to have good relations with Turkey. Turkey's emergence has spoiled Israel's plans for the region, not only the Middle East but also the Balkans and the Caucus. Israel was developing a game plan for the Indian sub-continent for whic...
A. Khan
When Romney is elected, Turkey will change its tune. Mitt looks very soft and fuzzy on the surface. He is actually tough as nails when he cares about things. He care about turkey's hypocritical and bullying behavior. And he admires Israeli ingenuity and inventiveness.
Grossman is a family name of Germanic and Jewish Ashkenazi origin. The US presidant sure knows how to pick his staff.If mr Grosssman had to pick between supporting Turkey or Israel, wonder who he would go with? As I have mentioned before,love or hate the Jews, they have a big influence in the USA. Q...
I believe you mister Grossman, but erdogan does not want.
Leon Aron
I believe that Cherokee is actually Ahmet Davoglu.But that irrelevant,Turkey demanded an independent UN committee and it got it.The ruling was that both parties held irresponsibility which Israel accepted,Turkey did not.Now Davogtlu is bashing Israel and Erdogan wants to run Israeli foreign policy b...
Hmmm, good they let us know, but the answer is NO!!
@ More cherokee BS? May I remind you that your history is one big story of occupations and landgrabbing? First give back everything you stole and then we may talk about others. First clean up the beam in your eyes than we may talk about the splinter in somebody's else!
Sorry Grossman, it ain't gonna happen until Israel decides to join the civilized world and respect human rights and equality for everyone by ending their heinous occupation and oppression of millions of innocents whose land and homes they continue to steal on a daily basis -- all contrary to interna...
my question is: did he brought peace to the Afghanistan and Pakistan relations?
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