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Bride's brother receives life sentence for killing newlyweds

17 April 2012, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Gönay Öğmen has been given an aggravated life sentence by the İstanbul 1st Criminal High Court on Monday for killing his sister, Sonay Vural, and brother-in-law, Zekeriya Vural.

The young couple was found dead in their car in İstanbul's Fatih district 10 days after they had been married. It was later discovered that they had been murdered by the bride's brother because of religious differences.

Sonay Öğmen (age 26), whose family was Armenian, married Zekeriya Vural (age 29) against her family's wishes. The young couple was found dead in their automobile, each with a bullet to the forehead.

Police later established that the couple had been killed by someone who sitting in the back seat of the vehicle and concluded that the murderer was someone they knew. Sonay's brother later confessed and said in his testimony to police, “We didn't want that groom.”

Investigators said they were able to capture Öğmen because of his hobby of pigeon keeping. The suspect was detained at the Pigeon Lovers Association in İstanbul with the gun believed to have been used in the murder on his person.

In his initial testimony, Öğmen had said: “Our family didn't want them to get married. We met in a café to talk. Zekeriya told me: ‘This is over. We are married. Don't stand in the way.' Then we got in the car. I shot both of them.”

Vural's uncle, Cemal Vural, speaking to the press a week after the murder, said: “Sonay's brother had invited them to dinner. It was a trap, apparently. She was Christian. Her family was against the marriage because he is Muslim. Actually, Sonay warned her family a week ago that she'd take her own life.”


CHEROKEE I see you missed a dose of your medication again! This is not simply a "Christian" girl's family not wanting her to marry a Muslim. This happens even between two muslims whose families do not wish them to marry. A COMMON POINT Your attitude is exactly why things like this happen. No re...
@ The Prisoner: Your comments are interesting in the fact that they completely and succinctly describe the discriminatory, inhumane, undemocratic Israeli regime of fascist, religious, fundamentalist, NUTZ. ONLY their religion matters to them, NOTHING ELSE as they are indeed superior to everybody els...
andrew. You say that a couple should listen to their families? NOOOOOO!!! People are free to do as they wish and to love and to marry who they want.
"Her family was against the marriage because he is Muslim" a typical pure anti-islam even in an average family. armenians have yet to complete evoluation. They need a 100 years to get civilised.
its a tragedy but couples should listen to the familys wishes
It is easy to convince about the teachings of Islam to anybody because it is a very clear and straightforward religion. On the contrary people belong to other faiths/religion faces greater difficulties to percent and convince anyone about their faith, consequently they resort to violence as Sonay's ...
A common point
Religion has no place in Love,Equality,Democracy or Politics and it's time it was put back in it's box. Women here and other ME/Asian countries are subjected to tyranny by religion used by evil people to subjugate. Look to Fakhra Younus (RIP) in Pakistan to see how religion has twisted people's mind...
The Prisoner
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