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Eldest Ottoman princess, Neslişah Osmanoğlu, buried in İstanbul

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3 April 2012, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM WITH AP
Princess Fatma Neslişah Osmanoğlu, or Neslişah Sultan, who was the last member of the Ottoman ruling family born before the fall of the empire, was buried in İstanbul on Tuesday.

Neslişah Sultan, who was the eldest member of the Ottoman royal family, passed away in İstanbul at the age of 91 early on Monday. A funeral service was held for the deceased Ottoman princess in İstanbul's Yıldız Hamidiye Mosque following noon prayer.

She was buried in Aşiyan Asri Cemetery after the funeral ceremony, which Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç also attended on behalf of the government. Arınç also delivered his condolences to the Osmanoğlu family at Yıldız Palace's Mabeyn Köşkü.

"The last representative of the [Ottoman] dynasty has passed away. I am here to deliver condolonces on behalf of Mr. Prime Minister and my colleagues. We regard attending the funeral of Neslişah Hanımefendi a duty," Arınç told reporters during the funeral ceremony. "We are sad. She was a very vaulable lady. She bade farewell to life after a 91-year-long life of hardships."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also expressed sadness over the death of Neslişah Sultan during a speech in Parliament on Tuesday. “Fatma Neslişah Osmanoğlu was a symbol of nobility, carrying the blood of Osman Gazi [the founder of Ottoman Empire]. We remember her with gratitude and respect. May God be pleased with her and her family,” he said.

Neslişah Sultan, a paternal granddaughter of the last Ottoman Caliph Abdülmecid II and maternal granddaughter of the last Ottoman Sultan and Caliph Mehmed VI Vahdettin, died early on Monday in her Ortaköy home. She assumed the title of eldest surviving member of the Ottoman dynasty after the death of Osman Ertuğrul Osmanoğlu in 2009.

Neslişah Sultan was born in Istanbul on Feb. 4, 1921, two years before the Turkish Republic replaced the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled Turkey, parts of the Middle East and eastern Europe for 600 years.

Her grandfather, the last Ottoman Sultan Vahdettin, and all other members of the dynasty were sent into exile in 1924, and the princess spent her childhood and adolescence in Nice, France, before moving to Egypt.

"When we were in exile we lived longing for the country," she told historian Murat Bardakçı, whose biography of the princess was published last year. "My mother had friends who would go to İstanbul. I would ask them to bring me back a bit of soil from Istanbul, but none did."

Ottoman princesses were traditionally married to members of Muslim royal families, and in 1940, Neslihan Sultan married Egyptian Prince Muhammed Abdel Monem. Prince Monem headed a regency committee that ruled from July 1952 to June 1953, when the new rulers of Egypt turned the country into a republic.

The royal couple were placed under house arrest, accused of being part of an international plot against the Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, but acquitted and forced to leave the country.

Exiled for a second time, Neslişah Sultan returned to live in France with her husband.

In 1952, the Turkish government allowed female members of the Ottoman family to return to Turkey, and the prince and princess moved to İstanbul in 1957.

The princess took the surname Osmanoğlu, or son of Osman, along with other surviving members of the dynasty.

"When I go out in the streets, I see that all nice things were built by my grandfathers," she told Bardakçı. "I therefore cannot help think that they belong to me. I feel like I am a part of this place and that I belong to this land."

Prince Monem, who was born in 1899, died in İstanbul in 1979.

Neslişah Sultan is survived by a son, daughter and a grandson.

The British sent few if any Indian Muslims to Canakkale, or to any part of the Ottoman Empire. Of the Muslims sent, a substantial number deserted, and either fled or surrendered to the Ottomans. In fact, the Germans had a policy of sending all Indian Muslims they captured on their fronts to Turkey, ...
Shad: Wait a minute. Go read the Canakkale (Dardanelles) war Turks fought during WWI under Ottoman command against ANZAC forces and won against all odds. One of the odds was the Moslem colonial soldiers British brought from India including today's Pakistan. There was a distance of only several mete...
vural korkmaz
If you do not know that, you do not know anything about Ottoman Empire. Ottoman empire was never a democratically elected representative of Turkish nation or any nation at all. Turks were forced to live under Ottoman yoke for nearly 700 years. Ottoman Empire was an extreme Islamist, Jihadist system ...
rich murphy
"all Muslims (whether in Mauritania or Indonesia) feel reverence for the Ottomans":Is that the reason why Arabs joined forces with the European powers and rebelled against stabbed on the back their Khalif in Islam, raped, tortured, masscared Ottoman Turkish subjects, their brothers in Islam, forced ...
mark rivers
A totally unfair, unjustifiable and unearned legitimacy is being created in public in Turkiye and abroad for a system of oppression known as Ottoman Empire by the goverment in Turkiye and by their descendants of Osmanlis which oppressed many nations including the Turks the worst under its yoke for n...
mark rivers
No matter what people like mark rivers and their ilk say, all Muslims (whether in Mauritania or Indonesia) feel reverence for the Ottomans as they have a special place in the history of Islam (and of the world). I am a non-turk but love, respect and admire their contribution.
Yes of course, the Ottoman empire was constantly at war with the entire world, and it did not have to. I took took on the entire world because Islamism it championed required to do so by taking over Arab imperialism, rejected the culture, language, way of life it came from, its own nation, the Turki...
mark rivers
@ Mark Rivers. Where are you going with all this - read the article then think about your input - SIMPLY NOT RELATED . Furthermore your knowledge of Ottoman history is way off - I suggest you read history books not the back of corn flakes packets.
The imperialists and their spawn are at it again, trying to sow hatred between Turks and Arabs. Only this time they will not succeed. Turkey, and especially its Ottoman heritage, are again very popular in the Arab world.
As a matter of fact, Osmanli, as a Jihadist and an Islamist superpower which hijacked Islam, played a major role in backwardness of the entire Arab World, entire Moslem, Arab Northern Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Balkans and parts of Asia by blocking them like communist...
mark rivers
Mark your mising one point, the ottoman empire was constantly at war, just look at the worlds supperpower (USA)who is bankrupt just after invading iraq and afganistan. As for the arab leaders the ottomans have left 90 years ago, whats thier excuse? (incompetent leaders)
Oktay Balkis
@ Mark Rivers Oh great...another simplyfying turk hater. First of all,this is an article about a deceased person! Show some respect!You seem to talk alot about civilisation and enlightment but you don't act like a civilised person! The rise of the west was only happening because of the enslavement ...
Hakan Oez
Great Boxer and sincere Muslim muhammad ali is 70 now, Turkey should invite him and visit the big blue mosque and let him pray in it, before too late Great boxer Muhammad Ali for Turkey!
Muhammad Ali for Turkey
@Mark rivers. Please do not show your ignorance about the glorious Ottoman Empire. When you spit venom even the snakes recoil with disgust, wondering 'Is this how humans behave? You do not even qualify to sweep the streets of Istanbul!
Empire observer
The not-so-Sublime House of Osman did not protect the Arab world, Turks and others under its rule from Western imperialism; actually the not-so-Sublime House of Osman definetely deprived the Arab world including Turks and others of contemporary enlightenment, innovations in science and technology ...
mark rivers
@mark rivers, this is now how the Turkish public feels. In the hearts and minds of the Turkish public, we dont look at our Ottoman predecessors in such a way - thanks for the input, but as a Turk, we dont share your opinion.
Orhun USA
The Sublime House of Osman protected the Arab world from Western imperialism for 400 years. It assisted countries as far away as India and Indonesia from Portuguese piracy in the Indian Ocean. It created a glorious language and culture, and built the most beautiful buildings the world has ever seen....
Big deal! Tell that to the Ottoman Turkish subjects who were forced to fight unending Osmanli's Jihad wars against the infidel and got killed constantly until their very last day in power. Do not forget, Osmanlis never believed nor claimed they were Turks who Oslmanli kept poor, ignorant and powerle...
mark rivers
Neslişah Sultan is survived, not only by a son, daughter, and grandson, but also by a granddaughter.
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