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Father sentenced to 7 years for ‘selling' daughter

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26 March 2012, Monday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
A man who sold his 12-year-old daughter to a 54-year-old man in return for TL 5,000 has been sentenced to seven years, nine months in prison, while the man who bought the girl has been given 24 years.

The court convicted O.Y., the father of then-12-year-old E.Y, of “aiding the crime of restricting one's freedom for sexual purposes and sexual assault” and sentenced him to seven years, nine months, 22 days in prison. The court also convicted Y.A, the man who bought the girl, of “depriving one of freedom for purposes of sexual abuse” and “continuous sexual assault.” Y.A. was sentenced to 24 years.

The incident was picked up by the Turkish media in February but took place six years ago. The two men reportedly signed a handwritten contract, a copy of which was published in several Turkish newspapers on Sunday.

The contract, dated Feb. 12, 2006, features a paragraph written by O. Y. that reads: “I have sold my daughter for TL 5,000. I handed my daughter E.Y. to Yusuf A. on Feb.12, 2006. I have received the payment in cash. My daughter will be the under control of Yusuf A. from the above-mentioned date on. I give my consent as a father. The contract has been signed. The girl has also given consent and signed the contract.”

Y. A., who divorced his wife and has four children, allegedly took the girl to a hotel in Kemer, Antalya, and raped her. E.Y. continued to attend school while being held captive by Yusuf A.

The girl's situation was discovered by a guidance counselor at the young girl's school when students were asked to write down something that bothered them as part of an assignment. E.Y. promptly left the classroom in tears. She then told her teacher that she had been sold by her father to her brother's boss and the teacher reported the case to the police.

The father had earlier said Y.A. had introduced him as a member of the Turkish “deep state” and had told him that he was going to “train” his daughter for secret state services. Testifying in court, Y.A. had earlier denied having sexual intercourse with E.Y. 

Just where did these men get the idea that a female person was a commodity, to be bought and sold, just as in the manner of slavery? Did the Turkish educational system and Islamic teachings not inform them otherwise? If not, why not?
Me, there are people who insist on being stuck in the 7th century and will see an enemy in anyone who tries to bring them to the modern times. Ataturk is one such "enemy". He did have faults, but his vision of a secular and modern Turkey, at peace with her neighbours, wasn't one of them .
BRAKO Please you want to lay this at Ataturk's feet? How wrong can you be. This is not about morale upbringing, but about common sense and love for the family. I don't even think this man should ever be allowed to see this child again, and God help any other children he might have. I guess you ...
brako, thanks to the secular system established by "kemal atajew", these sick people were sentenced. Contrast this with your sharia. Google the following phrases: "Saudi girl, eight, married off to 58-year-old is denied divorce" and "Man, 47, marries 8 year old girl". I'm sure there are other exampl...
Turkey is far, far from being a democratic and secular country when indeed, someone can be jailed for 5 years for throwing an egg at a politician's face and for criticizing the almighty Sultan, who can never do any wrong. What a pathetic sentence for this father, who was no father at all, but simply...
Brake. This has nothing to do with secularity. Yoi can see very cruel crimes against women also in cointries ruled bu religiuous öaws. For example all the cases os rape of foreign maids and au pairs in Saudi Arabia and the practise of raping women in Iranian prisons because it is forbidden to execut...
this is what kemal atajew, no value no morale standards mentality does. and you want to be secular?
@ME I agree! If I think that the prosecutor wants a person to get behind bars for 5 years for throwing an egg on lovely Mr. Bagis, it gives me the shivers in comparison!
A revolting testimony to the power of patriarchy and private property. Evidence of the potential for tyranny that exists within every family(as noted by K Marx).
As far as I know, this happens mostly, like 97%, in Muslim countries. So sick that a man would do this. Even if I were hungry, I would never sell my daughter to an old man to screw up not only her little body, but her mind and happiness for the rest of her life. Sick, sick, pathetic, immoral mentali...
So much for the new laws to protect women in Turkey. A seven year sentence is NOT even a start at a punishment that would make a difference.
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