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[Time in Turkey] New Road

25 March 2012, Sunday /
Having lived in Turkey from 2003 to 2008 and produced the book “Fault Lines: Turkey/East/West” looking at contemporary Turkey, I already had a clear idea of the issues and contradictions at play in today’s Turkey.

“Fault Lines” coincided and focused on the dynamic changes taking place during my time in Turkey: landscapes, towns and cities reshaped, an extensive road network under construction, town centers “beautified” and large apartment blocks springing up at a rapid rate around every town and city.

At the same time a number of internal struggles were taking place, often in unlikely and contradictory combinations. The work seeks to address and question these contradictions and the very concept of East and West.

For this work, I chose the idea of following up on “Fault Lines” by making a road trip on the New Roads. The title in Turkish, “Yeni Yol,” has multiple meanings: New Way, New Aim or New Ideology. From my experience of Turkey, I use the New Roads as a metaphor of the change that is taking place and question what that vision is.

I can see the passion underlying the project Türkiye’de Zaman / Time in Turkey. One thing that makes this comprehensive work meaningful and important is that Turkish photographers will have the opportunity to compare their works with the works of their colleagues who are included in this book.


George Georgiou was born in London in 1961, the child of a Greek family of Cypriot origin. He has photographed the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey. After working for six years in Serbia and Greece he settled in Turkey. He questions the ways people perceive the space they occupy as he focuses on the ideas of transition and identity in his works. His book “Fault Lines: Turkey/East/West” has been exhibited all over the world. Georgiou organizes workshops in various cities across Europe. He received two World Press Photo Awards, in 2003 and 2005, and the Pictures of The Year International Prize for spot news stories in 2004 for the İstanbul bombings.

For an interview with George Georgiou see www.timeinturkey.com

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