17 April 2014, Thursday
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Musician Cat Power cancels Israel show

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10 February 2012, Friday /AP
American musician Cat Power has canceled her show in Israel, joining a list of artists shunning the country over its conflict with the Palestinians.

Charlyn Marie Marshall, better known by her stage name Cat Power, was to perform in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

But she tweeted on Friday that due to "much confusion" she felt she could not play for her Israeli fans and that she felt "sick in her spirit."

She had faced calls to boycott the Jewish state.

Elvis Costello and The Pixies have canceled their appearances, as did the British dance band Klaxon and the Gorillaz Sound System. Santana and Bjork also called off concerts, without explaining why.

@ronen, indeed, lol.
I am very surprised, that there are so many supporters of Israel on this page.. Intersesting...
I cangratulate Cat Power for boycotting her Israeli tour in protest of Palestinian suffering and occupation. She was obviously loved by Israeli fans, otherwise she wouldn't be going there. I find reading some of the pro Israeli comments below typical of people who live in a boxed world and who are o...
Never heard Of it. The Cat must be after the cheesecake, looking for a cover. How i do convey that to all mouses.
Mouse Power
this is news worthy for turkey? i guess you have to take you victories where you can
PU-BLI-CI-TY SEEKER. Her own site has 0 votes, 0 popularity, guess she is trying to be famous somehow. Smart cat, she learned how the dog was getting headlines by using Israel and now she's doing same, a pitiful, uninformed college drop-out seeking for some fame. Guess your site will now have some v...
Lying hypocrite, first you announce you'll do the concert and then you cancel? What did you not know when you agreed just recently to do the concert? Let me tell the truth for you and the truth is that you announced the concert and then wrote some garbage on you facebook page saying your soul did no...
Israel is a spoiled child with Nukes. Very dangerous.
Oh dear! What an important "musician" and "artist"! I am impressed! Just another way to get attention, when it cannot be got by skill!
LMAO, I guess this Power woman, whom I have never heard of, is looking for some power and attention. Just look at her, she seems to love screaming like Erdogan does, probably does not know any facts, just propaganda from perhaps an Arab boyfriend or maybe she's Palestinian herself.
never heard of this person, but who cares, Madonna is going and everyone knows her, lol.
Other musicians, such as Elton John, Paul McCartney and Madonna, have resisted the pressure. By the way I have never heard of Cat Power.
No doubt Israel is not innocent in all matters. But how does Turkey respond to PKK attacks ? Does she just sit there ad say lets give peace a chance? No she strikes back and offers peace through negotiation and strength. Israel has done no less, even though she is threatened by much larger forces an...
Joe Peterson
Around the world, more and more people are becoming aware of the heinous, apartheid state's atrocities. Soon Israel will be isolated from the rest of the world because of her internationally recognized criminal deeds against so many innocents for decades. And, Israelis are certainly not helping thei...
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