16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Erdoğan chief adviser slams Russia for backing Syria

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31 January 2012, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM WITH WIRES
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's chief adviser has criticized Russia for its position on Syria, stressing that Russia is alienating itself from the Muslim world.

The UN Security Council was to meet on Tuesday to discuss the draft, backed by Western and some Arab powers. But Russia would likely veto any punitive action.

Russia has been one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's strongest backers as he tries to crush an uprising that began nearly 11 months ago. In October, Moscow vetoed the first council attempt to condemn Syria's crackdown and has shown little sign of budging in its opposition.

“Russia is turning the Arab and Muslim world against itself in the name of protecting its interests in Syria,” İbrahim Kalın said on his Twitter feed on Tuesday.

Syria has been Moscow's firmest foothold in the Middle East, paying cash for Russian weapons and hosting a naval maintenance facility on its Mediterranean coast that is Russia's only military base outside the former Soviet Union.

Russia fears the new measure could open the door to eventual military intervention, the way an Arab-backed UN resolution provided the mandate for NATO airstrikes in Libya.

Kalın said Russia's position on Syria is “a bad choice” in his view. Kalın's remarks regarding Russia's staunch position on Syria are also the first official Turkish reaction to its northern neighbor with whom it enjoys good political and economic relations. The trade volume of the two countries exceeds $40 billion, comprising mainly energy imports by Turkey.

The draft resolution on Syria demands that Assad halt the crackdown and implement an Arab peace plan that calls for him to hand over power to his vice president and allow creation of a unity government to pave the way for elections. It also rules out the use of foreign forces in the country.

If Assad fails to comply within 15 days, the council would consider "further measures," a reference to a possible move to impose economic or other sanctions.

The UN estimates that more than 5,400 people have been killed in the Syrian government crackdown. The bloodshed spiked Monday as regime forces retook control of the eastern suburbs of Damascus after rebel soldiers briefly captured them.

The death toll from Monday's offensive was around 100 people, making it one among the bloodiest days since the uprising began in March, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees, an opposition group.

But why is Erdogan suddenly fighting with Syria? He seems to be all over the map. Few months ago, he was fighting with Israel, and now suddenly he is fighting with Syria and Iran. Is this some kind of game he's playing? Is this erratic behavior what Turks voted for? Next week will he declare war on ...
Without the monies of the Kingdoms, Turkey and the west, Syria cannot afford reconstruction and Russia and the PRC on their own cannot afford it, it will cost trillions. So Assad keeps destroying his country and no monies will be release until he leaves power. He will be ruling Somalia, The FSA make...
The fact that Turkey has the worst human rights record in the region, his prime minister is not qualified to give an opinion on what Syria should or shouldn't do. Your country sat back and even contributed to the illegal invasion of Libya, a country with the highest standard of living among Arab na...
When it's "business" on stake, there should not be religion mention at all. Russia does care only for Russia and that's the naked truth. Mr.PM keep your religion for your self, beCAUSE agitates more than you intended and does not do us a favor.
business on stake
I am tired of these ridiculous conspiracy theorists denying the legitimacy of the Arab Spring and even going as far to say that "the revolution in Syria is because of oil". By really believing this you are admitting to having a very primitive and limited understanding of the Middle East and of Syria...
Ahmed from Allepo, Syria
If you look at a map of the oil and gas pipelines running through Syria and reports from a British company that they have just discovered significantly more oil and gas in the country, it becomes clear that Syria is probably the most important transit for fossil fuels apart from the strait of Hormuz...
tehlikeli yabanci
This type of reporting is not professional journalism. Why do you have to use the adjective "slam" in the headline that you could not qualify it in the body of the news item. If Ibrahim Kalin twitted what is reported, it is again not professional way to make a statement on the subject.
A. Khan
?Russia is turning the Arab and Muslim world against itself in the name of protecting its interests in Syria,? İbrahim Kalın said on his Twitter feed on Tuesday. Oh really, isn't this exactly what Erdogan did with Israel for example? Don't tell me he gives a care in the world for Palestinians, Turks...
Turkey is a member of NATO and regards its efforts on behalf of US Imperialism benignly. Other countries are not so accommodating. In fact it is these oppositional forces to US hegemony that are destined to grow with the relentless decline in the proportion of world income accounted for by the West....
I guess the much ballyhooed (in this paper a couple of days ago!) of a Russia/Turkish 'strategic alliance' is just so much nonsense. Turkish media needs to do a better job of reporting the facts for their public, they consistently overestimate Turkey's importance in the region.
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