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Iraq’s Maliki slams Turkey, claims it can bring civil war to region

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14 January 2012, Saturday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has harshly criticized Turkey for its what he said “surprise interference” in his country’s internal affair, claiming that Turkey’s role could bring disaster and civil war to the region – something Turkey will itself suffer.

"We... did not expect the way they (Turkey) interfere in Iraq," Maliki said in an interview with the Al-Hurra TV station on Friday, AFP news agency reported on Friday.

He said “we recently noticed their surprise interventions with statements, as if Iraq is controlled or run by them," adding that Turkey’s latest statements interfered in domestic Iraqi affairs.

“And we do not allow that absolutely,” Maliki underlined.

Maliki’s remarks came two days after he was warned by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that his actions are taking Iraq back from democracy and urged him to take steps that would reduce tensions in the war-torn country following a series of bombings in the capital of Baghdad after Maliki issued an arrest warrant for his Sunni Vice President Tariq Hashemi last month.

Many attacks in recent days in Iraq have targeted the country's Shiite majority, increasing fears of a serious outbreak of sectarian violence following the withdrawal of US troops last month.

Large-scale sectarian fighting pushed the country to the brink of civil war in 2006-2007. Well-armed Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias continue to operate in the country.

The increase in violence comes as Iraq's leaders remain locked in a political crisis that is stoking tensions between the Shiite majority now in power and the country's Sunnis, who benefited most from ousted dictator Saddam Hussein's rule.

The leaders of Iraq's rival sects have been locked in a standoff since last month, when the Shiite-dominated government called for Hashemi's arrest on terrorism charges, just as the last American troops were completing their withdrawal from the country. Hashemi, Iraq's highest-ranking Sunni politician, remains holed up in the semiautonomous Kurdish region in the north, out of reach of state security forces.

“If it is acceptable to talk about our judicial authority, then we can talk about theirs, and if they talk about our disputes, we can talk about theirs," Maliki said in the interview, claiming that Turkey is playing a role that might bring disaster and civil war to the region, and that Turkey itself will suffer because it has different sects and ethnicities.

During his phone conversation with US President Barack Obama on Friday, Erdoğan also talked about the latest situation in Iraq, where two leaders agreed that a broad-based and inclusive government is necessary for stability in the country.

Turkey should take a breath and reasses ts new pro western(and therefore pro Israeli) role. After all 8 unarmed Turks in Turkish freedom fotilla ere killed in cold by Israel with no apology or compensation. He should recall the the final day predictions when The antiChrist(Dajjal,International Zion...
Fupi matata
Raffi It is Turkey's incessant meddling that has sparked the ongoing tension and destabilized Iraq. Turkey hand off Iraq! and mind your bushiness. Your detrimental help is not asked for.
Baqi Barzani
@ Abu Bintain A "brilliant professor" is not necessarily a brilliant politician as well. I live in Europe and you should hear what the many Turkish people living here have to comment on the government of their original country. Turkey is in a real bad geopolitical situation and you know it! And she...
Maliki is a puppet of Iran. The US already brought civil war to Iraq. Turkey is the most progressive sphere of influence in Iraq. Maliki just wants to remove Turkish incluence so he can be the dictator.
Friend of Turks
the Islamist dictator of Turkey (2003-2015) wants the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood (Tarik Hashemi's Tawafuk) to take over Iraq. Islamist western stooges will be exposed that they want to create a sectarian caliphate that will destroy minorities.
When starts, can't stopped it. Stopped it, before it's start.
AKP minister Davutoglu constantly gloats about his claims about "Zero Problems" Foreign Policy even though his zero problems approach causes zillions of problems for Turkish foreign policy. Do you think if the opposition party, CHP, gains power, would they gloat about their so-called acheievements w...
S. Yilmaz
After Honorable Erdogan leader of the muslim world, Ahmet Devulgu is most prominent and dynamic leader of the muslim who will lead Middle east free from American and Shia puppets. May Allah SWT bless Turkeys leadership with wisdom, patience, power , justice and development.
Chowdhury, Sydney
Turkey can second an independent Kurdistan in Iraqi Kurdistan to counterbalance Shiite growing clout.
Kurdish Commando
Turkey can't sit and see how tension in neighboring countries are building up such Irak and Syria, he has all the rights to interfere, so he can protect stability at home
@migo . With friends like you who would need enemies! FM of Turkey is a brilliant professor and politician. Turkey has gained immensely from the policies of such a far sighted man. I hope he will be Prime Minister one day.
hihihi, Turkey surrounded by love, the zero problems with neighbors
Erdogan is right to criticise Maliki. Instead of moving towards more inclusivity and setting aside of religious sectarian differences for the good of the country as a whole,he is following the old path of power held by only a certain group of the population.It always comes down to a narrow view and...
Iraqis are free ,free enough not let foreign troops on thier land.Has Turks ever dared to think ,just to think,or dream , that there ought not be foreign troops on their land ? . At the right time, withen right circumstances( which will be soon) Iraq will stricke back, and make those who h...
Peoples of Iraq do not need any encouragement from outside; they have been massacring themselves ever since Iraq was invented by the victors of WWI. Ignoring that by Nouri al-Maliki and other Iraqis is sticking their heads into the Iraqi desert sand.
david coors
@ Vazgen I am afraid the right time to remove this arrogant and ineffective FM has already passed! Turkey on its way to an incredible mess and one-party system! I pity the Turkish people whom I happen to like! They would deserve better!
Vazgen your most likely a delusional israeli the puppet dictator of of iraq doesn't reflects the iraqi people and im amused how you put russia on that list russia and turkey have excellent relations the only bumps that could be present is because of nato which is a american tool.
To the character who doesn't have the courage to give a name, not even a nick name but mentions mine in his : Not impressed at all.
Costas Greek Cypriot
The list of "zero-problems" expands monthly. Now, Iraq joins the long list of Turk's enemies- Greece, Cyprus, Armenia,Israel, Russia,Syria and France. Mr.Davutoglu, time to retire.
@COSTAS the greek ,middle eastern people love Turkey and Turks and welcome our LEADERSHIP in the region offcourse maliki doesnt like it because he is the puppet of iran and iran wants to dominate middle east but don't worry soon iran will be wiped out and then the shia crescent will be gone , and ps...
@costas greek cypriot AND ESFANDYAR
Turkey did not interfere Iraq's at all but came to help its worsening situation. if maliki does not want that, then God help him. I think he will be the only loser.
Please do not involve Israel in this mess. It is not our business. All of the Jews already left Iraq after being persecuted in the 1940th, they have good life in Israel - and we don't care now who rules that country.
Here's another one who rejects Ankara's "leadership" in the region.That makes them 5 now (After egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria). Well there stll is Azerbaidjan and the occupied part of Cyprus. For how long ?
Costas Greek Cypriot
Maliki is a puppet and collaborator of imperialist Yankee. He is Brutus of Iraq people.
Maybe they all should Look for An answer in Mr Ahmad Chalabi's capable Camp.
With people like Maliki in charge in Iraq, I fear the worst for the country. What Turkey is saying is just common sense. It is not interfering in Iraq's internal affairs but only suggesting a possible solution.
The best way to avert civil war in Iraq is to take out al-Maliki and the entire government of Iraq, because it is a US-Zionist puppet government. al-Maliki does not act like an Arab leader, but more Kurdish and Zionist. Turkey must continue to watch al-Maliki and his dangerous government.
Very soon Maliki will be removed from power by people. He is actually numbering his days in office.
[email protected]
Yet Maliki has no problem being puppeteered by the Iranians.
Maliki is right - how dare Turkey interfere in Iraq's affairs? Only the West has that right!
Turkey is ikinici Israel ... Wary about Arab sonnies ,but masacer Kurdish sonnies ...only a turk , And how Turkey doing these days with Roj T.V. ...
Really, who is this puppet of the US? Who elected him? After the destruction the US brought iraq, he thinks Turkiye is going to bring civil war to iraq? Newsflash, it's already there!
How does Turkey's gov\Erdogan. statement be a point to lead "Turkey is playing a role that might bring disaster and civil war to the region". No, that is your gov. and your people's responsibility. Turkey can only be responsible if it is active. This politician doesn't want such comments at him beca...
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