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Turkey drops cases against Israeli flotilla attackers, report claims

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13 January 2012, Friday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
The Turkish justice minister has ordered all legal proceedings against Israeli soldiers and commanders involved in a May 2010 attack on a Turkish aid ship be dropped, Israeli news portal Ynet reported Friday, citing US sources.

The report states that sources from the US State Department claim Turkish prosecutors were instructed to withdraw all proceedings against Israeli elements involved in giving the order to take over the ship as well as those who actively raided the vessel.

“According to the sources, the State Department said that this decision is linked to US efforts to defuse tensions between Israel and Turkey. This includes attempts by Israeli envoy to Turkey David Meidan to find a formula which will allow the sides to end hostility,” the report said.

Eight Turks and a Turkish-American were killed aboard the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship that was part of an international humanitarian aid flotilla which tried to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza in May 2010. A UN report about the raid, released in September 2011, stated that activists on board the Mavi Marmara had attacked the raiding naval commandos. It went on to describe the blockade of Gaza as legitimate, although it also accused Israel of using disproportionate force against activists.

Turkey rejected the report's findings, saying it would never recognize the blockade's legitimacy and insisted on an Israeli apology as well as compensation for the deaths as a precondition for the normalization of a relationship once seen as a cornerstone of regional stability. Turkish-Israeli tensions have continued to escalate since then, with Turkey downgrading its diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

In May of last year, reports emerged that a Turkish prosecutor investigating the raid had written to Israeli authorities requesting information on the identities of the Israeli soldiers who were involved in the attack and some Turkish dailies later published the names of a total of 174 people, including the soldiers who are thought to have taken part in the raid and those who ordered the attack. Turkish dailies also reported in October that the prosecutor had reportedly written to the Turkish Justice Ministry, requesting Interpol red notices for the 174 Israeli soldiers and commanders.

Good move by Turkey, that is as it should be. There is more than enough violence in the area without trying to to run through a blockade. Israel were right in their action to prevent the possibility of further arms being smuggled into the area.
John Boy
Time to get real, Turkey and Israel are the cornerstone of regional stability. Those two, have to stick with each other.
time to get real
@General If you were not so malicious I would consider you the best clown on this paper! And I am not alone at that! LOL!
Now I guess Turkey "brought Israel to its knees", o wait, wait! It's the other way around..
put my previous comment up already zaman zzz so slow, anyway DaniC this is not the us congress and we do not get our info on relations from israeli papers who obviously most would try to paint relations to be good and turkey to be backing down that just plays into israelies superiority complex that ...
Growing up one of the first listens I learned was, you would be stupid to ask a question, when, you would already have known the answer in hand before questioning. So if the history and basic common religious believes have forced us to accept A fact! that we all should remember, is, that no one ...
usa is falling down then guess who falls next, israel. you sad zionists will have to run to china and try to use them next.
if true which is not clear yet since its only from us source on a israeli paper could just be more feeble attempts to fool people but if actually true i wonder how far usa bent over to achieve this for there master israel no doubt it wouldn't come cheap for the usa.
More on Israel/Turkey relations in Yediot Aharonot: Turkey wants back Israeli tourists, will participate next month in Annual Tourism Fair in Tel-Aviv. Seems that mutual interests are stronger than idiotic policies of Erdoğan and Davutoğlu.
I read original on Yediot printed newspaper. Appeared on their Ynet site but was taken off. I have not seen the item on other Israeli media. My guess: Washington and Jerusalem diplomats wish to spare Erdoğan and Davutoğlu the embarrassment?
Yaacov, it says "citing US sources."
DaniC, the Palmer report was written by israel. Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Ayalon's regime are personally responsible for the lost lives. They should apologize to Turkiye, pay compensation, and renew normal diplomatic relations between with our democratic country.
migo, four of the nine humanitarian aid workers murdered by israel were kurds.
migo, "what murder?" How about the murders of nine humanitarian aid worker in international waters. "self defence"? Is that why israel committed piracy in international waters and the report shows that the nine murdered were executed? "Israel would decide to help the kurds"? LOL, where do I beg...
Turkey came to it's senses and backed down, just as I knew it would. Erdogan is all huff and puff with no carry-through. Just like always.
Palmer's report states Israel was within its sovereign rights. Erdoğan and Davutoğlu's regime are personally responsible for the lost lives. They should apologize to Israel and renew normal diplomatic relations between our two democratic countries.
predictable use of red herring polemics to disensitise the use for killing ... kurds are turkish nationals and are not terrorists, it would not be in the interests of Israel to help kurds so it is the PKK; a registered terrorist organisation, YOU would need to be helping ...
Every single nation, should know by now, with whom they stand in case of an emergency. Better with Israel, than Iran. Standing with Israel, Turkey can rely on US, most definitely. For better or worse go for it.
for better or worse
@ What murder? You know exactly it was self defence and we all saw the footage, didn't we? Or do you think we do not have internet? Stop meddling into affairs which are none of your business and nothing will happen to you! You would be very angry if Israel would decide to help the Kurds, wouldn't yo...
this is not true, the case is going on,İHH didnt withdraw the case
Israel gets away with murder again???
I dont see the point to drop cases. There is clearly a conflict here, and the correct way to solve it is to use law. And the verdict to be decided by a court. Rule of law is always the best.
Rule of law
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