Concentration the key for Bursa in clash with Anderlecht this evening

August 17, 2011, Wednesday/ 16:30:00

Bursaspor, at long last, has been dragged into this messy scandal with the referring of Vederson to the PFDK. And that’s probably the aim of the TFF to try and incriminate as many people as possible and deviate attention from the real ring leaders.

Concentration therefore will also be the key for the Green Crocs in their clash with Anderlecht at Atatürk Stadium this evening. And young coach Ertuğrul Sağlam must ensure his men put the Vederson issue behind them. The Crocs on Monday trained for one-and-a-half-hours at their Özlüce Facilities under of Sağlam, who concentrated mostly on pas-

ses and teamwork Sierra Leone attacking midfielder İbrahim Teteh Bangura and and Cologne-born midfielfer Cemal Kaldırım survived a car crash this week with minor injuries and it was only natural they did not take part in the practice session. English keeper Scott Paul Carson, who became a father this week, traveled to his home country and he too was absent. The Crocs have to win today and go into the second leg away in Belgium with an adva tage in their pockets. At-tack is the best form of de-fense and that’s what Bursa must strive to do this evening.

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