Turkey better on carbon dioxide emissions than England, Germany

Turkey has relatively low carbon dioxide emissions compared to other countries. Many scientists have agreed that carbon dioxide emissions will rise with the development of industry, thus leading to increased global warming.

July 21, 2010, Wednesday/ 15:59:00
While many scientists have agreed that carbon dioxide emissions rise with the development of industry, thus leading to increased global warming, İbrahim Dinçer, a professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), noted that the rate of carbon dioxide emissions is relatively low in Turkey compared to other countries.Speaking to the Anatolia news agency on Tuesday, Dinçer pointed out that carbon dioxide emissions amount to around five metric tons per capita in Turkey, while they are approximately 20 metric tons per capita in countries such as Germany and the UK.

Dinçer, known for his studies on hydrogen and hydrogen technology, said the figure of carbon dioxide emissions in Turkey is normal but that the country needs to take measures now because in five to 10 years the amount will likely be higher.

Noting that Turkey’s ministries and institutions have started to take steps to address the issue, Dinçer said: “Turkey needs a roadmap. What energy sources does Turkey currently have? How will these energy sources be used in the future in the country? Which energy sources will be needed in the near future? All of these factors should be taken into account before it’s too late.”

Dinçer pointed out that efforts on the issue should not be restricted to the ministries or other big institutions, underlining that nongovernmental organizations should cooperate with people or associations established within Turkish universities.

Noting that he has attended many conferences on global warming in the past two years, Dinçer said everyone should do their part to save the environment. “We do not know what the main factor behind carbon dioxide emissions is or whether an increase in carbon dioxide emissions is a result of natural processes or human activity, but it is a fact that people can take better care of the environment,” Dinçer said.

He also said he had presented a solution package on global warming during one of his conferences. Stating that people should change their routines, Dinçer said people can help the environment by using environmentally friendly products.

“Many countries have prepared various projects as part of their roadmaps to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Although not all of these projects have been implemented, I believe these countries will step up their efforts to start taking steps to cut carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible,” Dinçer said.

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