16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Shampoo advertisement featuring Hitler pulled

15 April 2012, Sunday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
The Industry Ministry’s advertising commission has imposed a three-month suspension on a commercial that uses old film footage of Adolf Hitler to sell shampoo due to its use of racist symbols and bolstering of gender discrimination.

During a session on April 10, the commission ruled that the commercial could provoke gender discrimination and racist sentiments. The commercial, for a men’s shampoo called Biomen, shows Hitler delivering an enthusiastic speech, urging male viewers to buy the product which is “a 100 percent male shampoo.” In the ad, Hitler says, “If you are not wearing a woman’s dress, you should not use her shampoo, either.” The Customs and Trade Ministry had previously launched an investigation into the advertisement for Biomen by Biota Laboratories at the behest of various people and institutions.

UN report? UN is in the pocket of Israel, and sadly betul tursts it. If the report before Israeli capture than it is true, after it is in the Israeli hand, than any medicine can be, whatever Israel desires. Grow up betul.
@the Poisoner, what is your problem dude? Did i say that Hitler was a good man? Stop, victimizing we all had our history lesson, the Turkish Industry Ministry did what was reasonable ONLY CONSIDERING the sensitively towards TURKISH JEWS, none else, we stopped giving a S about Israel long time ago.
Gulen preach peace, Zaman sews hatred by running here the most insulting comments but when someone else wants to say something about that it refuse to publish it....so typical Zaman style. Not very 'intelligent'
Great respect Turks have! Applauding this commercial is truly great respect. On another note, the primary objective of the flotilla was to breach Israel's blockade, not to deliver food and expired medicine to your "brothers" in Gaza. Someone clearly hasn't read the UN report on the incident.
@muradali, dutch burk, State of Israel, Western Imperialism etc bla bla bla! Change the flipping record son please! This was an extremely insulting and insensitive commercial, I was appalled and I don't follow any religion! Hitler was an extremely evil man and using him to promote any product is not...
The Prisoner
Where can i buy this "mein Shampf" :)
People of Turkey have great respect and tolerance even to those who killed about 10 Turks delivering food and medicine to our brothers in Gaza. Hope one day the State of Israel will be human and tolerant towards the Palestinians, before it is too late.
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