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Sarkozy not invited to Syria summit in Turkey

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5 March 2012, Monday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
French President Nicolas Sarkozy will not be invited to an international summit set to convene in İstanbul to discuss Syria, underscoring Turkish protests against the French leader for his support of efforts to criminalize denial of Armenian genocide claims, a Turkish news report said on Monday.

Turkey is preparing to host the second gathering of the “Friends of Syria” group, which first met in Tunisia in late February. Participants agreed at that meeting that the second gathering will take place in İstanbul.

Turkish organizers of the gathering plan to invite the heads of state and governments and foreign ministers from about 70 countries. However, France will receive an invitation only for the foreign minister.

Both houses of the French Parliament passed a bill criminalizing denial of claims that Armenians were subject to genocide at the hands of the late Ottoman Empire during World War I. Sarkozy supported and reportedly even pressured parliamentarians to pass the bill, angering Turkey, which sees the bill as an attempt by Sarkozy to secure support from French-Armenians in the upcoming presidential election.

The bill was annulled by France's Constitutional Council, which said it was contradictory to the principles of freedom of expression enshrined in France's founding documents. Sarkozy expressed disappointment at the Constitutional Council decision and asked the government to prepare a new draft taking into account the decision of the top constitutional body.

The second Friends of Syria meeting is now expected to take place later this month, from March 20-26 given Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's scheduled foreign visits, the Sabah daily reported. Erdoğan will visit Germany on March 17, attend ceremonies commemorating the anniversary of World War I-era events in Çanakkale on March 18 and will visit South Korea from March 26-27.

Turkey plans to invite Russia and China, two permanent members of the UN Security Council who vetoed a Security Council resolution against Syria and shunned the Tunisia gathering of the Friends of Syria. Foreign ministers from more than 50 countries, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, as well as representatives of the Syrian opposition attended the first meeting of the Friends of Syria in Tunisia.

Sabah said the Syrian National Council, representing the political wing of the Syrian opposition, is expected to be recognized as the “sole legitimate representative” of Syria during the İstanbul gathering. The meeting is also expected to produce crucial decisions regarding military aid to the Syrian opposition.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu met with representatives of the Syrian National Council last week, discussing preparations for the İstanbul gathering of Friends of Syria. 

Can they not get another dwarf to replace him..Sarko biggest issue is his height ...the man wears heighlevel shoes to act grownup.
Erdogan's postion does not show much caring about the Syria people but rather a big childish ego. Is there anything in the Koran about leading by example ?
Bravo for keeping the French out of Syria! Turkey, the successor state of the Great Ottoman Empire, owes it to its former vilayets of Sham and Halab. The French have done enough damage there already!
@General Sherman, please refrain from racial profiling.Might worked during the Civil War Times, as you get your name and prestige from it, but those days(Thank God) are over.
This behavior is such baby stuff. The French are more important to anything REALLY happening than China or Putinland. Why can't muslims and Arabs EVER act like grownups ? Instead they personalise, demonise, and pout like angry children who kill in fits of [ique and spasms....
Derya, are you sad that your *** Sarkozy wasn't invited? Oh yeah, and there are way more dwarves in Paris. Why do you think they have to have zenci's play their basketball and football for them?
Johan is sad that his *** Sarko wasn't invited. :)
it is not difficult to deal such way with France the real difficulty is to face the consuequences
no jokes with France
I always read a bunch of negative comment towards Erdogan on the Syrian issue, but if the Arab countries like, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Golf-states and Egypt don't step in, who is Turkey to do so. The Arab countries already see Turks as occupiers, so it will backfire, ARAB SHOULD SOLVE ISSUE OF ARABS, ...
Given the daily massacres in Syria, couldn't Sultan ErDOGAZ postpone the 'foreign visits'? So much for being a friend of Syria, LMAO. Korea and Germany can wait, Syria's people cannot.
Yet anothet show of the Turkish medival mentality.
@OsmanF, there are way more 'dwarfs' in Istanbul than in Paris, lol. I bet you're a midget too. Speak with brains next time, not with insults. I responded in kind for you to see how foolish it sounds. Discuss politics, not physical attributes next time, this is not a modelling article.
What an immature if not backward mentality of Erdogan. No wonder world mocks the country's politicians. Sulking is for children and ignorant folks.
The people of Syria dies in large amounts right now. The interanational comunity has an obligation to stop this as efficiently as possible. I would suggest that the meeting is held in another country so that all key players can get together and solve the problems for the Syrians.
Lets all work together
Oh this is good for our Zionist friend! He might understand this language in his election year!!
Always humble your self, why(?), if we did invite the French President(not Sarkosy) as well, we will rise above Sarkosy's nonsense claims against us and show the french people that we care. It is not about Sarkosy, it is about the French people, that I feel we should respect greatly.
France is dead as a power and a player in the middle East politics, Turkey have taken the lead in Syria as a major presence and balancing power.
STAY AT HOME BIG NOISE. There is no room for racist freaks like Sarkozy in Turkey.
An excellent move at a political level, showing France that Turkey can and will use methods to make Frances soft power irrelevant. As Turkey grows in the region, France's influence is reduced. This is the cruch of the matter why France is hostile to Turkey, its about positioning and they too have un...
This is no surprise and had a lot to do with the fact that Sarkozy refused to accept a phone call from the Turkish president during the run up to the Armenian genocide bill. Also, France did not invite Turkey, a NATO member, to a meeting held in Paris to discuss the situation in Gaddafi's Libya. The...
We all remember how the French did not invite Turkey during the Libya summit in Paris. But yet again, the hypocrites 24/7 forgot it. So with the current French-Turkish relation and knowing that France is no longer a global player, it would not differ that much, if they are invited or not.
I would be happy to see the "dwarf" of France in Istanbul.
Osman F
Who is the owner of "Friends of Syria" what is it authorized to do? If Turkey owns it, then, how can it be authorized to decide about actions in Syria? If it is owned by the internatinoal comunity, then how can Turkey decide how is allowed to participate? I find this whole thing rather strange and t...
Friends of Turkey
Anyway, maybe some will stay away now. Turkey is NOT acting in the interest of Syria, its act in pure 100% own interests. And makes a fool about their childish and behavior.
Yes, keep Sarko out of Turkey. Why should a Turk hater be invited to Turkey??? It wouldn't make sense. He should first of all educate himself to the reality of the atrocities before, during, and after 1915 and then use his vocal cords on this subject instead of being a tool of the Armenian lobby.
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