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Report: Turkey imposes restrictions on Israeli cargo planes

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27 February 2012, Monday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Turkey has imposed restrictions on use of its airspace by Israeli cargo planes, an Israeli news report has said.

The report, which appeared on Israeli daily Haaretz, says Turkey has introduced restrictions on Israeli cargo planes carrying “dangerous materials.” Cargo flights of El Al and CAL will be affected and most of the cargo flights in and out of Israel will be subject to the new restrictions as any flight carrying batteries and even perfume, which are flammable and require special storage procedures are categorized as “dangerous materials,” according to Haaretz.

From now on, Turkey is requiring that it be notified about flights of this type at least 10 days in advance, so that they may review whether or not to approve them.

The new move causes substantial financial damage to Israeli airlines, as most Israeli flights, and all those flying to the Far East, regularly use Turkish airspace, and are now being forced to use longer flight routes that circumvent Turkey, the report said, adding that El Al and CAL have already contacted the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel, asking the authorities to respond to the Turkish move with similar restrictions on Turkish flights.

There was no immediate statement from the Turkish authorities.

Turkey has downgraded its diplomatic relations and suspended military ties with Israel amid crisis over Israeli killing of eight Turks and one Turkish American on an aid ship that was trying to breach Israeli blockade of Gaza in May 2010. Ankara says ties will not return to normal unless Israel formally apologizes for the killings, compensate the families and lift the blockade of Gaza.

the payback will come when obama is gone. just look at your country. the zero problem policy is now a zero friend policy (except iran and hamas) and your "führer" erdogan wants to get a islamic generation in turkey. say goodbye to your rights and to attatürks turkey. welcome to saudi-arabia.
Yes the true has come out Turkey Ugly face, Muslim hatred of Jews. I hope Israel terminate all trade with Turkey. Erdogan is taking the Muslims in Turkey, one step foreword towards an END. They hate Turkey in the US Congress.
Turkey's acions are nothing more than petty harassment by a bully government. Erdogan's islam is not the islam of the scholar's and prophets. It is the islam of the Arab street and empire, and will inure to Turkey's detriment.
@rich, How on earth do you want to stop Turkey from buying the F-35, knowing that Turkey took part during the development of the JSF's and already invested millions of dollars for the development. Lobby can achieve a lot, but the American people are not stupid, they know that the Turks are their tru...
Rich, We know how well you Israeli's were engaged in supressing the Kurds from winning their rights, by arming and abetting the brutal Turkish state in the past, just as you did in South Africa and Nicaragua (Somoza family) and by helping to capture the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. You should chan...
Roj Kurd
@Rich, Yes we know Israel will probably lobby the US now, that's a typical of them. They have to depend on the US for everything. The question is, does Turkey care? You need to realise that Turkey is not the same country it once was. We are a growing power in a changing region and lie in a stragic l...
Best news of the day! Keep Israel out of Turkish airspace. We don't want blood of innocent Palestinians on our hands.
We expect more!
Ayalon: This is real lower chair diplomacy?
No one in Turkey should be outraged if Israel uses political clout to urge US congress to ban F35 fighter jet sales to Turkey. This government has proven that it will employ even the most petty means to get back at Israel, even ahead of its disputes with Syria, Greece, Cyprus, France, etc. How sad,...
If the UN report had sided with the Turks, then Erdogan would not have been upset, would he? He's an evil man, Erdogan and all his clowns deserve each other and if they think the world has not taken notice of their bully and irrational behaviour, you're fooling yourselves. NO WAY IN HELL EU WILL EVE...
let them use south Cyprus air space it comes handy now lol
Erdoğan Davutoğlu play Macho Men to impress Turkish voters. Upon failure to breach LAWFUL (Palmer's report) Israeli blockade of Gaza terrorist Hamas regime, with the Mavi Marmara, Macho Men decided to shun Israel and treat it as foe. No wonder Israel is establishing new alliances.
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