Press roundup

February 06, 2009, Friday/ 16:28:00
A group of women in the northeastern city of Kastamonu have launched an aid campaign for the victims of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip. They are selling homemade cookies and cakes to charitable donors in a tent they set up in the city center.

Zaman: A front-page story yesterday reported on explosives seized in the past at Lt. Col. Mustafa Dönmez's home during a police raid as part of the ongoing investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine terrorist organization charged with attempting to overthrow the government. According to the daily, the İstanbul Police Department announced that these explosives had the same serial number as others that were used in a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of a police officer. The police department did not elaborate on when this attack was carried out or what the name of this policeman was. Dönmez, who surrendered to military authorities on Jan. 12 after being a fugitive for several days in the Ergenekon investigation, was arrested by a civilian court on Wednesday, 22 days after his initial surrender.

Yeni şafak: “Chador initiative ended in 87 days,” read the daily's lead headline yesterday, referring to a news conference held by several Republican People's Party (CHP) members who gathered to remove from their coats the CHP badges that party leader Deniz Baykal had pinned in late December in a move to prove that the main opposition party respects people's religious views. Emin Atmaca, the mastermind of the CHP's recent scarf initiative, and several other CHP members said they are no longer supporters of the party or its stance on the chador, citing party officials' insincere behavior.

Hürriyet: In its lead story yesterday, the daily criticized the distribution of goods by the Tunceli Governor's Office to locals in the city as part of its local elections campaign, according to the daily. The Governor's Office will distribute more than 5 million white good items to 3,300 families in the city in the lead-up to the local elections, including ovens, washing machines, computers and dishwashers. The Tunceli governor said he will continue to help the needy in his city in the future. The campaign, however, drew the ire of the CHP, whose officials accused the Tunceli Governor's Office of bribing residents with the ulterior motive of garnering more votes in the approaching local elections.