Sarkozy’s wife hailed as France’s Diana

Carla Bruni

March 28, 2008, Friday/ 18:48:00
The day after splashing pictures of her naked, tabloids hailed Carla Bruni as a fashion queen who could be the new Princess Diana.“What a difference a day makes ... and this time she remembered to put some clothes on,” trumpeted The Daily Mail, which devoted a six-page spread to France’s First Lady. “Britain is enchanted by Madame Sarkozy,” said the Daily Express opposite a picture of the former catwalk star turned singer arriving for a state banquet at Windsor Castle. Tabloids had welcomed Carla at the start of a state visit with her husband, President Nicolas Sarkozy, on Wednesday by reproducing a nude fashion shot of her taken in the 90s. Bookmakers William Hill quoted odds of 10-1 that Sarkozy would buy the print when it was auctioned next month in New York.

Any moralistic tut-tutting by the popular press was replaced on Thursday by praise for a woman hailed as a demure model of elegance. “A Good Night for France. The Gaul Scorers,” declared The Sun in a front-page spread linking Carla’s triumph with France’s soccer defeat of England in Paris. When she arrived in London, Prince Charles had planted a kiss on her gloved hand. “Is Carla the new Diana?” asked The Daily Telegraph.

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