Turkey to receive results of local elections from Cihan news agency

Turkey to receive results of local elections from Cihan news agency

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March 29, 2014, Saturday/ 17:59:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The Cihan news agency, which is known for its success in providing election results in an accurate and fast way in previous polls, has nearly completed its preparations for the upcoming election to be held on March 30.

Cihan will provide up-to-date results of the election with graphics and pictures on its website on the election day. Moreover, the news agency will cover news stories about the elections with videos and photographs.

The agency's goal is to announce a significant portion of the results after the election news blackout ends, and it has hired thousands of people to man the polling stations.

Cihan General Director Abdülhamit Bilici stated that the agency had displayed an excellent performance covering result of the previous six elections and they will repeat this success in the upcoming election. He said that large numbers of TV channels, newspapers and websites have applied to the Cihan news agency for its coverage.

Noting that Cihan news agency has become a leading brand in providing results of the election, Bilici said “The election results, which used to be received the day after the elections, is a thing of the past since the results are announced very speedily now. In previous elections, there were some TV stations asking us to release the results more slowly, but our goal is to release them more quickly than in the previous elections.”

Cihan announced the results of the 2002, 2004 and 2007 elections, as well as the 2010 referendum with 99 percent accuracy five hours after the completion of voting. Once the election news blackout ended, it announced the results for 40 percent of the voting stations, though their new target is 50 percent.

Many prominent figures from politics and media confirmed also success and accuracy of Cihan news agency as an institution which gives importance both quickness and accuracy at the same time while covering the results of the election.

Cihan was established in 1992 and started providing news and photos for national and international media outlets worldwide in January 1994. After two years, it also began supplying visual material for its clients. Since then, it has become the leading Turkish news agency, with a huge network within its reach. In the 2002 FIFA World Cup, co-hosted by Japan and South Korea, Cihan was the only Turkish company distributing news from the Far East.

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