Pro-Assad THKP/C leader reportedly killed in clashes with Syrian opposition

Pro-Assad THKP/C leader reportedly killed in clashes with Syrian opposition

Mihraç Ural (File Photo)

March 24, 2014, Monday/ 12:39:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

Leader of the terrorist Turkey's People's Liberation Party/Front (thkp/c) Mihraç Ural -- who had long been in the service of the Syrian intelligence agency, the Mukhabarat -- was reportedly killed in a clash with an opposition group in Aleppo on Sunday, several Turkish media outlets reported on Monday.

Ural, the leader of the THKP/C -- a revolutionary, communist terrorist organization founded in the early 1970s in Turkey, but which is now alleged to have been dismantled -- was allegedly fighting against Syrian opposition groups along with Syrian Brigadier General Gen. Sami Abbas, who is known as the right-hand man of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brother, Mahir Assad. Abbas and Assad's cousin Hilal al-Assad were also killed in the Aleppo clashes, Turkish media reported.

Ural was born in Hatay province, which is on Turkey's Syrian border and is where the organization was mainly active. Syria has always laid a claim to this province, which is densely populated by people of Arabic descent. Ural was one of the leading members of the organization which was known in Syria as the Hatay Liberation Army, or Uruba, and which was working to annex the province to Syria.    

Shortly after his release from prison, thanks to fake documents obtained by greasing the palms of guards, in Adana in August 1980, Ural fled to Syria, where he was granted Syrian citizenship, upon instructions from Cemil Assad, brother of Hafiz al-Assad, only six months after his arrival.

Ural, whose father, Zeki Ural, was also a member of the Hatay Liberation Army, tried in the 1970s to recruit members among Hatay's Alawite Arabs for the organization.

Ural, was fighting on the side of the regime forces in Syria and he was commanding a unit, the Syrian Resistance, allegedly composed of 2,000 militia members. He is held responsible for the Banias massacre, which left at least 62 people dead, including 14 children, in Syria's Ras al-Nabeh neighborhood in Banias.

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