One dead in ferry accident

March 16, 2014, Sunday/ 11:56:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A car carrying three women and a 5-year-old child fell from a car ferry in İstanbul's sirkeci district on Saturday.

The incident took place at around 3.40 p.m. on Saturday on İstanbul's Sirkeci pier. According to people who were close to the scene, a car carrying three women and a 5-year-old child drove onto the car ferry, which was supposed to depart from Sirkeci pier and travel to Harem pier, as the last vehicle. As the ferry started moving, the car's body became caught on the ramp attached to the pier and was tipped into the water.

When the car fell into the water, two of the women managed to escape. People who saw the incident alerted the police immediately, and marine police rescued the third woman, Şaziye Güleren, along with the child, Ece Su Yılmaz. Güleren and Yılmaz were taken to Çapa Hospital.

Yılmaz, who was also rescued from the car, died in hospital in the course of doctors' attempts to save her life, while Güleren's condition is critical.

Three referred to court with arrest request for ferry death

The captain of the ferry and two other İDO employees were referred to court on Sunday morning with an arrest request for causing the death of Ece Su Yılmaz (5).

İstanbul Ferry Lines (İDO) released a statement on Sunday afternoon saying that they have turned in video footage of the accident to the prosecutor who is investigating the incident. İDO previously claimed that there were no cameras at the scene.

“All our ferries have a camera system and we have given all the images of yesterday's accident to the prosecutor. We have no authority to publish these images; however, as the incident is being investigated by the prosecutors and the Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry,” read İDO the statement.

Ece Su Yılmaz's grandfather, İbrahim Yılmaz, said on Sunday that he believes İDO was negligent.

“We hear that this accident happened because the ferry tried to rush away from the pier and the ropes to secure the ramp were not attached. There is no such thing as democracy or human rights in Turkey anymore. It's all about privatization. This ferry is apparently owned by a private company. For them, human life has no value. It's all about making more money,” said Yılmaz.

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