Kitaro looking forward to ’connecting’ with Turkish audience

Kitaro looking forward to ’connecting’ with Turkish audience

Japanese composer Kitaro will play a concert in İstanbul on Tuesday.

March 02, 2014, Sunday/ 15:35:00/ Ali Pektaş

Living legend of New Age music kitaro is getting ready to perform his first-ever Turkey concert this week in İstanbul as part of his first Eastern Europe concert tour.

The Grammy-winning Japanese composer, recording artist and arranger will take the stage on Tuesday night at the Haliç Congress Center with his 36-piece orchestra.

Speaking to Today's Zaman in an online interview, Kitaro said he is very enthusiastic about his Tuesday appearance and connecting with the Turkish people, who mainly know of him for the music he composed for Japan's “The Silk Road: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations” documentary series in the 1980s.

Kitaro, whose music evokes feelings of peace and serenity, takes his inspiration from nature. The musician says he is trying to contribute to the peace of the world through music. “It is my hope that my music reaches people's hearts. My latest album, ‘Final Call,' is my way of helping save the Earth and preserve Mother Earth for future generations,” Kitaro adds.

The musician believes in the power of communicating with people, experiencing different cultures and trying to discover new musicians. “Music is a universal language,” said Kitaro, who has succeeded in reaching listeners from different cultures, ethnicities and religions.

Kitaro, who did not receive any professional music training, says he started playing instruments in high school and then decided to pursue music as a career.  

He points out he is still learning and will keep doing so for his entire life but adds his dream is to make the message in his music real.

In answering a question about how he evaluates the status of New Age music, with which he is associated, he says this type of music attracted people who enjoyed spiritual lifestyles at the time it was first introduced, but there are other great musicians who are involved in this genre today.

A rare concert performer, Kitaro says he loves performing and connecting with the audience directly and promises “I'll try to make it happen more often.”



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