California: Malibu beaches and San Diego

California: Malibu beaches and San Diego

A family enjoys a meal as they watch sun sets on the pacific ocean in la Jolla. (Photo: Reuters)

February 13, 2014, Thursday/ 14:33:00/ SAİM ORHAN

The shores of malibu are famous for luxury homes overlooking the ocean; from beautiful houses perched on the edges of the hills, residents have a privileged view of the coastline.

We see a lot of notices stating that alcoholic beverages and smoking are banned in parks and beaches in the state of California, and violators are fined. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most famous teams in the NBA. They hold their games at Staples Center downtown, which opened in 1999.

Now let's hit the road for san diego. On our way to the city, we see the San Onofre nuclear power plant, which generates electrical energy. Strong and durable concrete was used in the highways instead of asphalt, despite being a costly method.

Now we are in the city of San Diego. The climate is very agreeable. San Diego is on the border with Mexico, so many Mexicans live in this city illegally. From the hilltops, we can see a magnificent view of San Diego. With its orderly and well-designed downtown, San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the US. We arrive at the La Jolla preserve, where we see sea lions on the shore. They were over-hunted in the 1970s, so now they are endangered. But hunting sea lions is prohibited now, and a large number of visitors travel here to see these animals.

Some of the sea lions play in the water, whereas others sunbathe on the rocks. It is obvious that these animals enjoy life in California, and 100,000 people visit this place every month. The wealthy of San Diego live in La Jolla. A house on the shore and endless ocean… What else could you possibly want?

SeaWorld San Diego is one of the most visited places in the city. People love the dolphin show; the animals amaze the audience with their synchronized moves, and people can feed the dolphins by hand after the show. There are sea lions in another section, which also show their talents to the audience. Visitors have a chance to watch orca whales in another area. Thank God a thick wall of glass separates us from the whales. Kids are particularly interested and happy when the whale displays its tongue; some even mimic the whales, dancing along the huge aquarium.

(Photo: Lionel Cironneau, AP)

The best of marine life

The orca emerges from the water in an agile move; now it is time for the orca show. The kings of the ocean present a magnificent show to the audience, and splash plenty of water on the visitors. Lastly, we see the sharks from an underwater glass tunnel. This spot garners great attention at SeaWorld.

After our tour of SeaWorld, we continue our city tour. The USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that was converted into a museum in 2004, in is one of the most popular tourist destinations in San Diego. The ship, anchored on the coast with aircraft parked on it, draws the attention of visitors who have never before seen an aircraft carrier.

We run into Meskhetian Turks in San Diego. It is really nice to see people here who speak our language. In conversation, we find out that there are 14,000 Meskhetian Turks in the US, and 36 families living in San Diego. Frankly, I never thought that we would see a Meskhetian Turk in California. It was a pleasant surprise to us. They organized an event on the day we met them, and invited us to a dinner where they served traditional Meskhetian dishes. We enjoyed their food.

It is really fun to travel on the Pacific Coast Highway, which takes you down the coast of Mexico. Those who have time prefer to take this highway when traveling.

And another day ends in California. Here is the sunset, leaving the sky red.


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Official language:none (English has acquired official status in 28 of the 50 states)

Government:Constitution-based federal republic

President:Barack Obama

Area:9,826,675 square kilometers

Population:316,438,601 (July 2013 est.)

Gross domestic product (PPP):$16.24 trillion (2012 est.)

Main religions: Protestant (51.3 percent), Roman Catholic (23.9 percent), Mormon (1.7 percent), Jewish (1.7 percent), Buddhist (0.7 percent), Muslim (0.6 percent)

The Staples Center, California.

A man walks his dog next nex to the San Onofre power plant.

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