Bribery scandal hits Turkey’s wushu world champ

Bribery scandal hits Turkey’s wushu world champ

December 19, 2013, Thursday/ 18:10:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Athlete Elif Akyüz, Turkey's first world champion in the martial art of wushu, won her title through bribery, an organizer of the World Wushu Championships has claimed.

Ersin Metin Yavuz, a one-time employee at a company that helped organize the World Wushu Championships held in Ankara in 2011, has filed a complaint against Akyüz. Yavuz claims that Akyüz's gold medal was the result of a bribe paid by her father, Abdurrahman Akyüz, the current head of Turkey's Wushu Federation. According to Yavuz, Akyüz's father paid a referee and several International Wushu Federation officials seven Rolex watches and $14,000 for his daughter's gold medal.

According to the Doğan News Agency, in 2011 Önder Karan, head of the Turkish federation at the time, heard rumors that Akyüz was seeking to bribe officials in Turkey's Wushu Federation to secure a gold medal for his daughter. Karan took unspecified measures to stop Akyüz, who then took his scheme to the International Wushu Federation, the agency reports.

Karan had said that when he first heard the allegations of bribery he did not believe them. "After becoming aware of the fact, I have decided to resign from the country's Wushu Federation. I am ready to reveal every detail if there is an investigation. I will send my resignation letter, certified by a notary," Karan was quoted as saying by the Doğan News Agency.

Akyüz won a gold medal at the 11th World Wushu Championships in 2011 when she defeated 31 rivals from all over the world, becoming the first-ever Turkish champion in the sport.

The 11th World Wushu Championships were held in Ankara in 2011. Turkey sent 18 athletes and 42 trainers to the competition.

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