Security Directorate and MIT: A Retired General Heads the Gang

Security Directorate and MIT: A Retired General Heads the Gang

May 23, 2006, Tuesday/ 12:11:00
Officials focus on the allegations that the key figure, Muzaffer Tekin, was ordered by a retired general to attack the Turkish State Council.

A high-ranking general, whose name is also included in the triggerman, Alparslan Aslan’s, father’s deposition, heads the organization scheme prepared by the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and the Security General Security.

As the investigation regarding the State Council deepens, the links behind the bloody attack have begun to emerge one by one.

Officials focus on the allegations that Tekin, arrested on the charge of inspiring the attack, carried out attacks following orders and commands.

MIT and the Police Intelligence Service began bugging high-ranking officers, well-known public figures, to reveal the scheme and the hierarchy of the organization.

“A high-ranking officer” and retiree of the Turkish Armed Forces, senior of the key figure in hierarchy, Tekin, is accused of being the organization planner, a charge that has been presented to the Ankara public prosecutor Hamza Keles.

Police Department related the uncovering of the organization after the attack on the State Council to months of investigation.

“After the assailant was arrested, the links were easily revealed,” an official from the department said.

The same official stressed that the retired officer at the center of the issue, who assumed important duties in the past, may be detained after all the evidence has been gathered and informed that so far they have not found anything on which to charge the officer in his phone calls with Tekin; the crucial meetings between the two were conducted face to face.

Meanwhile, MIT and Security officials had reportedly been following Tekin for six months.

The court ordered a police investigation into the Patriotic Forces Joint Power Movement.

In the intelligence report, Sergeant Tekin is described as follows: “A leading executive of an illegal organization that attempts to create chaos in the country and uses ex-convicts as subcontract trigger men by promising money.”

The report includes a list of the triggerman, including Alparslan Aslan.

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