[NEWS ANALYSIS]Interesting Relationships

[NEWS ANALYSIS]Interesting Relationships

May 20, 2006, Saturday/ 14:23:00/ ERKAN ACAR

Names of numerous radical nationalist groups are being mentioned in the frame of the attack on the State Council.

According to police, assailant Alparslan Aslan is closely linked to the Turkish Revenge Brigade (TIT). Veteran TIT members have close relations with the radical nationalist groups recently spreading in Turkey. For instance, Semih Tufan Gulaltay, whose name was mentioned in the frame of the assignation of Akin Birdal, late President of Turkey's Human Rights Association, is closely connected with the Patriotic Forces’ Union, a radical nationalist movement.

Gulaltay, general chief of the National Unity Party in 2004, says they are considering uniting with the Patriotic Forces’ Union, a radical nationalist movement. Another nationalist movement that the Turkish Revenge Brigades established contact with is the Turkish Left magazine. The Turkish Left team, criticized for unfurling banners marked ‘Army to Duty,’ published books authored by Gulaltay. The book’s launch was held in the bureau of Turkish Left in Taksim.

The intricate relations between the nationalist groupings tend to surface in other ways.

There is a link between Muzaffer T., a former military officer, and Alparslan Aslan, who attacked the judges.

Muzaffer T. had occasional telephone conversations with a senior authority of a radical nationalist movement.

The police found out that Aslan had also received a card from one senior authority of this movement.

There is also an alleged connection between the former military officer and a magazine called the Turkish Leftist Magazine.

A campaign initiated by this magazine about the administration in North Cyprus received personal support from Muzaffer T.

The police are also focusing on a possible link between Muzaffer T. and the Turkish Resistance Organization, or TMT in its Turkish acronym.

The TMT came to the public’s attention when it was purported to have a connection to an illegal grouping that included names from military, courts, police and mafia.

Captain Nuri Bozkiran was alleged to have spoken to Kasim Zengin, a group leader of that illegal organization, when he said that the TMT uses a legal platform to carry out their activities.

The radical nationalist movement was disallowed by an order from the Interior Ministry, and ordered to drop a title that contained the words “Turkish” and “National” together.

There is a striking similarity between the emblem of this movement and that of the military departments.

The closing of the VKGBH came to the agenda as it used the city of Mersin as an instrument for actions ordered by its headquarter in Ankara, and was subject to investigation for illegally collecting money. Interior Ministry inspectors who completed the investigation had sent the file to the republican attorney ship. A file may be opened to end the association’s activities throughout Turkey. The association’s administrators had started to resign one by one due to dark connections.

The association had announced during their founding that Gendarmerie Public Security Army Corps former Commander retired Lieutenant General Hasan Kundakci was their honorary president. The association is chaired by Taner Unal, who introduces himself as Ulkucu (Idealist). Unal’s team held a flag protest in Mersin in 15 April 2006. A day prior to the action, Unal was taken into custody for “fraud and forgery.” Unal, taken to court at the Mersin Court Attorney Generalship, was released after giving his statement. In the days prior to the protest, messages that “the terror network PKK has made Mersin into a base; PKK members have seized Mersin; and the police are not fighting enough,” were given, especially to locals in the villages of Mersin, as people were called to join in the march.

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