16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Report: Former Israeli Navy chief briefly detained in London airport

15 October 2013, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM, İSTANBUL
Retired Rear-Admiral Eliezer Marom, commander of the Israeli navy during Operation Cast Lead and the raid on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara flotilla, was briefly detained and questioned by the British police at London's Heathrow airport upon arrival on Monday.

Israeli daily Haaretz reported that Israeli embassy was looking into the issue after Marom claimed he was detained. The circumstances of his detention were unclear, but under British law, permission to arrest foreign citizens for war crimes is limited.


Many Israeli commanders prefer to stay away from foreign trips or vacations to avoid any legal probes over their involvement in the 2008-2009 Gaza war as many international organizations cite the Israeli military for persistent violations of international law and demand they face trial for war crimes.


Marom said later on Monday that he was not arrested by the British police. He added that the police didn't ask any questions about the Mavi Marmara during the brief interrogation. Marom was the commander when Israeli navy commandos raided the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara ship in May 2010, killing nine civilians onboard and prompting an international outcry as well as Turkey's outrage over the deadly use of force against its citizens.


Ankara immediately demanded an apology over the incident and downgraded its diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv to a historic low by expelling the Israeli ambassador to Turkey in September 2011. After three years of foot-dragging, Tel Aviv offered an official apology in March in what appeared to be a US-brokered reconciliation effort.


Last week, an İstanbul court which is hearing the case opened against the retired Israeli military officers over the raid of the Mavi Marmara humanitarian aid ship has rejected lawyers' request for an Interpol Red Notice for several high-ranking retired members of the Israeli army.


One plaintiff's lawyer, Cüneyt Karaman, told the judge that it is not possible to conduct a trial without suspects being present at the court, and thus the court should pursue an Interpol Red Notice for the accused former Israeli army members. However, the request was denied by the court. The hearings were adjourned to March 27, 2014.


The İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office has identified the four accused as former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Gen. Rau Aluf Gabi Ashkenazi, Naval Forces Commander Vice Adm. Eliezer Marom, Israeli military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin and Air Force Intelligence head Brig. Gen. Avishai Levi.

Greco, lets bring it to perspective - there is not a single Turk in all you said. Prove me wrong. Would you!
Ha Metin Bey, you want to blame colonialism for the terror attacks committed worlwide by Muslims? What does Israel have to do with the Boston bombings noted by Greco? WHat does Israel have to do with the London BOmbing? What does Israel have to do with the Bali, Pakistan, Iraq, Kenya, Syria bombings...
@Metin, NO, NO, NO. It's the ignorance of yours and the rest of your people that believe about the stolen land BS. Learn history once and for all. Learn the real meaning of land occupiers, it's what the US is doing in Afghanistan, et al. Just google all the wars committed against Israel and you'll l...
Greco, no, the Israeli's have violated the land of Palestine and illegally occupies them. It is the Palestinians struggle against Israeli aggression that has led to certain Muslims taking matters into their own hands and committing crimes such as terrorism. You clearly have no knowledge of what is g...
And the hundreds of suicide bombings and thousands of rocket attacks by hamas, that caused the war, is perfectly legit, right? How pathetic has the world become. Now Europe is suffering the consequences of their adoration for Arabs. London bus bombing, remember it? The soldier butchered on a strett,...
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