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Erdoğan suggests Israel behind coup in Egypt, has evidence

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20 August 2013, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM, İSTANBUL
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has suggested that Israel was behind the military coup that ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, in early July, adding that the Turkish government has evidence to prove the Israeli hand in it.

The evidence Erdoğan gave for the alleged Israeli involvement was a meeting in France before elections in Egypt in 2011 between an Israeli justice minister and an unnamed intellectual whom he quoted as saying the Muslim Brotherhood would not be in power even if it wins elections. He was speaking to members of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in Ankara on Tuesday.

"What is said about Egypt? That democracy is not the ballot box. Who is behind this? Israel is. We have the evidence in our hands," Erdoğan said. "That's exactly what happened."

The evidence Erdoğan was referring to was a video of a press conference by Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and French philosopher and author Bernard-Henri Levy.

A video of the two, dating back to 2011, shows Levy saying: "If the Muslim Brotherhood arrives in Egypt, I will not say democracy wants it, so let democracy progress. Democracy is not only elections, it is also values."

Pressed further as to whether he would urge Egypt's military to intervene against the Muslim Brotherhood, Levy says: "I will urge the prevention of them coming to power, but by all sorts of means."

“If we stay silent in the face of the coup in Egypt, we will not have the right to say something if they set the same trap for us in the future,” said Erdoğan.

The Israeli Consulate in İstanbul released a statement on Tuesday, quoting Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor's comments on Erdoğan's remarks regarding Israel. Palmor reportedly said, “This is one of those statements that is well worth not commenting on.”

The Turkish prime minister also stepped up his criticisms of Muslim countries, saying: “The Islamic world is like the brothers of the Prophet Yusuf, who threw him down the well. As in the case of the brothers of the Prophet Yusuf, Allah will shame those in the Islamic world betraying their brothers and sisters in Egypt.”

Although Erdoğan did not name specific states that supported the coup in Egypt, he noted that there are rich people in the Islamic world as well as poor, and it is those rich people of the Islamic world who support the dictators.

“The situation of the African Muslim countries is obvious. Which of them did you help or support?” asked Erdoğan, who had previously underlined that some foreign countries that did not financially support the Morsi government during his one-year presidency have now pledged to provide $16 billion to the coup regime in Egypt.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait gave a total of $12 billion to Egypt following the recent struggles in the country.

On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ criticized the Gulf countries, saying that they are supporting the coup to better control Egypt as “puppet administrations” are easier to control than democratic ones.

Bozdağ stated that Egypt is surrounded by a lot of monarchic administrations, adding that “those people [living under those administrations] might say: ‘Look how it went in Egypt; a great success was achieved. Why shouldn't this happen here to us?'” Bozdağ added that it is clear the monarchies in Gulf are disturbed by the changes in Egypt.

Meanwhile, President Abdullah Gül said on Tuesday in a joint press conference with his Slovakian counterpart, Ivan Gasparovic, that what is happening in Egypt is unacceptable, adding that the ongoing events are deeply saddening.

“There is an untenable pain in Egypt. We are sharing these pains,” said Gül.

Gül underlined that it will not be possible to keep democracy away from Egypt for a long time.

Turkey has emerged as one of the strongest international critics of the Egyptian coup that toppled Morsi, and Turkish leaders lashed out at both the new Egyptian administration and its perceived supporters in the West following a brutal crackdown on pro-Morsi demonstrators on Wednesday that left hundreds dead.

Gül, Erdoğan meet to discuss Egypt

Meanwhile, Gül and Erdoğan met on Tuesday to discuss the latest developments in Egypt after their meeting had been postponed previously.

The meeting, which had been scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. at the Tarabya presidential palace in İstanbul on Monday, was postponed due to the busy schedules of the two leaders to first Thursday and then Tuesday.

In the meantime, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç stated that at the moment it is out of question for Turkish Ambassador to Cairo Hüseyin Avni Botsalı to return to Egypt, adding that Turkey will decide whether to send Botsalı back or not depending on the developments in Egypt.

Botsalı, who arrived in Turkey on Friday, briefed the Cabinet on developments in the world's largest Arab nation after a military crackdown in the country.

Before Erdoğan convened Monday's Cabinet meeting, Botsalı met with Gül at the Çankaya presidential palace in the morning to discuss the situation in Egypt. After his meeting with Gül, which was closed to the press, the Turkish ambassador met with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu at the Foreign Ministry.

Botsalı is expected to attend a meeting of the National Security Council (MGK) on Wednesday.

Turkey and Egypt recalled their ambassadors for consultation following Ankara's condemnation of the Egyptian security forces' bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted President Morsi.

As Turkish leaders maintain pressure on Egypt's interim government, calling the violence a “shame for Islam and the Arab world,” Botsalı, who had been summoned to Egypt's Foreign Ministry over Turkey's criticism, was recalled to Turkey for consultation.

On Saturday, Erdoğan accused Egyptian authorities of committing “state terrorism,” and a day later Egypt's foreign minister called Turkey's fierce criticism of the Egyptian military's crackdown “hostile.”

“Turkey demonstrated a hostile attitude, not only by its statements but also by the actions it took at the international level,” Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said.

“Turkey's stance on Egypt is related to the AK Party's ideology and its miscalculations about the Arab revolution. I can understand that the situation in Egypt is different, but double standards and an external intervention cannot be accepted,” Fahmy said, underlining that Egypt will not tolerate Turkish interference in its affairs.

Known for its close relationship with Morsi, Erdoğan's AK Party described the Egyptian military intervention that toppled him as an unacceptable coup and tried to convince other countries to step up pressure on Egypt.

In late September 2012, Morsi attended an AK Party congress in Ankara in what was considered a sign of flourishing relations between Turkey and Egypt.

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After the failure of Davos One minute please Show, and after the lost of popularity of Erdogan in the Arab world due to his partisan obvious negative role in Syria, Erdogan is trying his second chance, it is simply a replay of the first one minute show. Arabs do not buy it anymore Mr Erdogan try som...
No doubt about it. Islamic revolution made Israel and the US extremely afraid. Iran is against and Iraq is out of grip. Syria, Jordon. Lebanon and Palestine against. KSA is the only kingdom which is YES YES to the USA in order to save their kingdom.
Qurban Khan
This can't be serious, had this been true, than how can Erdogan continues business as usual withou retaliating.
@Paul. Since it is not likely that you were serious, do tell us you were being sarcastic. Regards
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has suggested that Israel was behind the military coup that ousted Egypt's president, Mohammed Morsi. This remark is on the same level that the Nazi's used against the Jews in the 30's
bill Ellison
It is amazing how people try to construct the very public backing of the coup in Egypt by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arabic Emirates as a hilarious conspiracy theory. It doesn't make Israel the mastermind of the coup as implied by RTE, but that it is backed by these countries and that the p...
@Truth do you know history or you are on medical tritment so much noncens .... @ Erdoganisawesome you are not Turkish but you hate and ignoret are the same like Erdogan....
"Erdogan Friend"
Good for Erdogan to speak the truth that many of us are afraid to say. I think the world feels a bit worried that Turkey finally has a strong internationally recognized leader.
That's how politics worked in the Middle Ages. Now we have enough sources to inform ourselves without depending on the nonsense propaganda of our politicians. You remember RTE saying: "We are friends of the Jews and Israel, of course!" ...
the saudis are insulting muslim accross the whole world
Weldone Turkish president
The honorable PM Erdogan should be prepared for the coming Turkish spring.
Anyone with a hint of intelligence and who knows of Egypt's history doesn't need to question what Erdogan is saying. Egypt is a nation that has dictatorship rule for decades, a rule that had a strong alliance with Israel at the expense of the Paledstinians through the tunnels leading to Gaza. Israel...
You are a great and honest leader..may god keep you safe and in power...its very hard to be in power if you are not the friend and mouth piece of Zionist axis of evil...
@ Mati, with due respect, the Zero problem ethos has a much deeper meaning. Essentially, Realpolitik should not set the agenda of Turkish foreign policy. The knowing of, and understanding of the nuances of Realpolitik and the implications of not doing something to address the issues posed by ignorin...
The Prime Minister of The Turkish Republic along with other European leaders are voicing great concern about the military coup in Egypt. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria's Assad are staunch supporters of the Egyptian military coup. When you have these very unlikely foes agreeing on the said subject,...
I'm not even Turkish,and I can honestly say that what this guy is saying is 100% right. All the liberals and the zionists hating on him can take a hike. And since he has now spoken against Israel ; guess where the "revolution" will occur? Yup, Turkey. They'll try their best to remove him from power ...
Finally, finally RTE spit out "his perles". One knew it-' it was coming. Because every time RTE is in turbulent waters, he brings up Israel for self-defence. Is that also because he can't get enough from the Hebrew state?! With accusing Israel without credible evidences is just shooting in the dark ...
90% of the Muslim world wide and majority of the international community would share the opinion expressed by the most experienced Muslim leader of our time, Mr Erdogan
American Aid is the real leverage in Egypt. All the money goes to line the pockets of these generals and cronies. They run the economy. The USA and AIPAC-Israel have run egypt for 50 years keeping a dictator in power. Criminal!
Eric Turk in USA.
I think have to see a doctor he will be crazy we are the egyptian who ousted morsi if the army doesnt end the matter morsi and his terrorist group now became history now people was going to end the Muslim brother hood by their own hands now this crazy man said Israel turkey is t one of the bi...
morsi made a mistake by not taking care of sisi and his cronies when in power in the fisst place
Mr. Erdoğan obsessed in his hatred towards Israel. I hope that the Turkish people wise enough to replace him next elections. He only causes damages to Turkey all over the world.
Sadly, Turkey rhetoric will accomplish nothing where Egypt is concerned. It is all the usual bluster and thunder by Mr. Erdogan. It is best that the Egyptian government not comment on Mr.Erdogan's pronouncements. Hot air is hard to handle.
Erdogan, a true muslim leader who always with the Islamic Movement
True Muslim Leader
On seeing the movie on Siege of Vienna, I wondered and felt sad at Kara Mustafa being killed in the end. However with so many mad fanatics like our Prime Minister, who for their personal glory would not hesitate to killed thousands of our soldiers, such laws are needed to act as a deterrent for the ...
Mehmet Yildiz
Israel has form they wiped out 80% of historic palestine and are continuing to steal more land through settlements. Israel has form for false flag attacks in 1954 they carried out bomb attacks on western interests in egypt in the lavon affair to which israel has acknowledged because one of their ope...
i guess the penguins were behind the coup in egypt.
Most of the Turkish media does not possess the courage to speak out the truth. I found that some of the Jews living in US and Canada and even in Israel are more courageous and openly criticize the Israeli policies as well as the aggressiveness of Israel lobby in USA. Even the Saudi media bashed Turk...
A. Khan
Prime Minister Erdogan sees the hand of Gulf States and Israel in the developments in Egypt. Even if it were true, it must be frustrating for the Turkish government to realize that its policy of "zero problems" has devolved over the past decade into a foreign policy of "zero friends" in the region. ...
PM Erdogan is right. Egyptian democracy fell victim to Yehudi and Saudi conspiracy.
A. Khan
To Decoder. I send 2 T-Backs but Zaman published only 1 so far. With 50% filter you probably would get even more pro-israel defenders, as you said. But you are totally wrong regarding opressed. I'm completely with Turkish people abused by their leader.
I remember when Turkey was a serious country with a serious leadership. How can anyone take you seriously when your PM is so irresponsible and inaccurate?
Next Erdoğan will find evidence that Israel was behind the 1999 İzmit earthquake. But after he invent the big Ergenekon plot to suppress opponents and critics of the AKP government he will find evidence to everything.
Eyal M
Why is Erdogan under pressure again? I guess he is since he is raising the good-old-scapegoating of Israel. Is it to quietinternal turmoil over the Gezi park, is it to quiet disapproval of the genius external affairs of "problems with all neighbors"? Or is it to get close to the Muslim brothers who ...
Interesting some people questioning RTE as he point his finger to Israeli. But he is not alone just check the Nytimes yesterday's editorial which indicate clearly they are vigorously support(better say they initiate it) he coup - "The choice the generals are promoting is that the world must decide b...
Number of Israel's defenders here is impressive! TZ should be happy for its subtle heading produced the result it sought! Siding with the oppressed, underdog, wronged, abused is apparently not cool around here. They are competing to kiss Jewish anatomy. Atta boy! A man said: These are the time...
The only thing that Matters the most is the fact that the love affair over the last 60 years between these two states has finally ended , so there won't be much obstacles and hurdles in Washington regarding Armenia , karabakh and Armenian genocide issues , and this is music to our ears .
TheIsraelis having enough trouble to defend theirselfes. I dont believe that crap.
Mady Hoffmann
I wish, i only wish..prime minister shows us, that he can learn english, before he accuses other nations and takes an uninterference stance on them. Whats so big about Turkey these days except his big load mouth? He speakes from 9th century ideology..and i sure hope someone smarter comes to power th...
We Armenians are so happy that turkey has such "great" leaders right now... Who knows, our hopes and prayers will be answered sooner than we expected :) well done erdogan continue like this ! :))
If true Erdogan has the right and the obligation to cut all relations with Israel before it is too late, taking the corresponding actions as to let clear to Israel that should they try to do the same with Turkey, the answer to their acts will cost them very high and drastic
Every big event in the Middle-East, be it a war, a coup, civil war, in the last 40 years occured according to the Zionist interests and plans. No exception. Thosde who quip about éJewish conspiracy" are divided in two. 1. The ones who are part of the conspiracy, thus see it in their interest to beli...
Rachel Corrie-Esma Biltaci
Your PM has lost it. He is very afraid the same thing can happen to him. Mursi was not able to dismantle the military as RTE did with trumped up charges.
So this is straight from the 'galley range' then? Mentioning no names of course P.M. RTE ... but could you provide some 'evidence' that is not hearsay on your part? We might then, but probably not, believe your assertion that the Jews are behind the dismantling of the state of Egypt and responsible ...
Quick, this man needs a doctor before it is too late!
Do I understand correctly how whacky Erdogan has become. A French intellectual of Jewish descent ( probably not a practitioner and a leftist ) told Erdogan that democracy is not the ballot box ( a left wing Socialist/Marxist idea that democracy is economic equality ) Therefore, a foreign cuntry, Isr...
bill lunn
Erdogan is correct. When some people say "ballot box isn't everything" they mean "ballot box means nothing, unless our boys win".
Ferhat B
Erdogan blamed the most pacifist country ever, that's why some posters below are outraged. Quite understandable.
Ferhat B
Most of people are somwhow comfotable with French or Jewish intellectuals. But what about Turkish intellectual, Mr Erdoğan? You have "evidence", you say. Same kind of "evidence" you had on your staged courts of journalists, military and IDF?
Erodogan's ravings prove his paranoia and deep hatred of the Jews. Time for a new script before the world writes him off completely.
Were is Erdogans allies HAMAS and the mass rallie they are famous for, in support of MORSI. Apart from a few weak words they are silent. They likened themselfs to as the Gaza branch of the Muslim brotherhood and this is who the AKP allied us with good weather friends
Anyone who believes Erdoğan's comments is obviously brainwashed. I guess it was Israelis in Gezi Park also not Turks who object to Erodgan's abuse of power also. The man is scary.
Bear K
You don't need to be on the front-line when you are behind a conspiracy. You can just be at the back door and push rest of your mechanisms to forefront to execute your plan. And that what the Israel did. It Just pushed US and others to forefront. And as fore the Egyptian people , most have understoo...
Erdogan is frightened that something similar may happen in Turkey as he pushes his Islamist agenda well beyond the bounds of the moderate Turkish populace.
Just because Morsi was elected is not making him correct. Not to be forgetting that Hitler was also elected. French Intellectual who said that just ballot box is not enough is being correct. A Real Democracy Country will always be friendly with Israel.
I truly hope that he has some really solid evidence to support this statement. If he doesnt it is going to become extremely embarrassing for him and for Turkey and it will have a large impact on how Turkey will be perceived on the international arena.
Israel bashing is the new form of good old antisemitism. Let's be a little more realistic and honest. On Nov. 10, 11, in his speech at the State University of Tbilisi, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: "...But a true democracy is not just about a ballot box...". Erdoğan, you believe...
Biran: Yes...it's a bit of everything u mentioned there involved in the Egyptian coup. All western countries and US are at the service of Israel. It's no secret that the Zionists are uncomfortable with AKP-like parties around them. So, the notorious Mossad and its allies around the world jointly car...
Israel did it - no surprise that Erdogan is making this charge. It's time for a new Prime Minister in Turkey - the world will be a better place,
Your PM continues to talk nonsense. How is it even possible that Israel is responsible for this? Do they have that much power - if they did wouldn't they also change governments in Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Erdogan just hates Jews - it's that simple.
ballot box is dignity of a nation and whoever support or finance this coup would be responsible of cold-bloodedly killing of peacefull civilians,and GrEaT king of Saudi thinks he can buy dignity of a nation with money but Honourable Egyptian people proved that how brave,challenging and dignified peo...
Erdogan is increasingly losing the plot. Just as he does not acknowledge the original intent of the Gezi protesters so he cannot understand the frustration of the ordinary Egyptian citizen with the Morsi led government. In both cases the original cause was hijacked by those with an ulterior motive, ...
at last some one has spoken the truth.
If Israel is that mighty, why didn't it stop the election of Morsi in the first place? Does anyone really believe that Israel is capable to get millions of Egyptians to the streets? WOW!
Yes Israel most likely was involved but Erdogan is selective in placing the blame. MB adviser Mohammed A Rashed is saying Iran hand is also behind the trouble because of MORSI stand on SYRIA. SHAME on ERDOGAN using Egypts grief to get support from his grassroots by just bashing Israel and not IRAN T...
I knew Erdogan is paranoid, but I assumed that at least he would hide his condition from the public. But I was wrong. Suprisingly he disclosed his mental illnes in full blossom.
Erdogan you are loosing it, you antisemitic looser. Is that your evidence? an unnamed French intellectual? Why don't you release the Turkish journalists you hold in jail before you talk about democracy?
Erdogan wanted to build an Islamist empire
Naser Gamal
Erdogan-- Israel and America made pact to destroy the muslim world one by one. Erdogan what turkey can do is have a union with Turkey,Iran,Syria,Iraq,Lebanon Palestine,Azerbaijan. Talk to Iran to stop muslim-shia wars and form a 1 country union
pinar hasan
I also wonder how a "French intellectual" saying this is "evidence". Did the intellectual organise the coup, or was this only an opinion? The same opinion can be found from many sources from that time. The reason given was the complete lack of governmental and economic experience among the MB govern...
So it is Israel...wow! I thought it was the USA, or the the UK, or Saudi Arabia (after all it is them that is giving 12 billion USD to the interim government and are the most likely source if there is one). At least he didn't blame CNN and the BBC. But does he think that the millions of Egyptians on...
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