18 April 2014, Friday
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Deputy PM denies he linked Jewish Diaspora to Gezi protests

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Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has categorically denied claims that he said the Jewish Diaspora is behind the recent protests in the country.

Atalay's office said in a statement on Tuesday that remarks he made on Monday were misquoted and taken out of context, giving them a different meaning. It added that news outlets had reported his remarks as if Atalay had said “the Jewish Diaspora is behind the Gezi Park events.” “Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has not made such a remark or assessment,” the statement underlined.

The Gezi demonstrations began at the end of May in protest of government plans for the redevelopment of Gezi Park in İstanbul's Taksim Square. The demonstrations spread to other provinces in the country and turned into anti-government protests.

The statement from Atalay's office noted that it becomes clear the deputy prime minister did not target Jewish people when the entire transcript of his speech is read, adding that Atalay only suggested that the international media quickly jumped into the protests and engaged in unfair reporting.

The protests dominated the headlines of major foreign news outlets worldwide after they spread to other Turkish cities in a short period of time due to the police use of pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the thousands of people who had joined the protests.

“There is no sign or phrase targeting Jewish citizens in Turkey or Jewish people in other countries in the speech,” said the statement.

“There are those inside and outside the country who envy Turkey's growth,” Atalay, one of four deputy prime ministers, told reporters on Monday in comments broadcast on the Cihan news agency website.

“They are all uniting. On the one side, you have the Jewish Diaspora. You have seen the foreign media's attitude over the Gezi Park events, how quickly they bought into it and how quickly and widely they started broadcasting before any assessment was made,” he said.

In his Monday remarks, Atalay also said the foreign media played a large role in the conspiracy and skillfully manipulated the unrest. “Those who try to block the way of Great Turkey will not succeed,” added the deputy prime minister.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Jewish Community, which represents most of Turkey's estimated 23,000 Jewish faithful, issued a statement on its website expressing its concerns over the statements by Atalay.

“We are closely following the media and trying to obtain information about the meaning, scope and details of Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay's statement about the Jewish Diaspora being behind the Gezi protests. But, in any case, based on the fact that Turkish-Jewish citizens as well as other Jewish people living all around the globe may be affected and become the target of such generalizations, we wish to express our concerns and share our apprehension and worry about the consequences that such perceptions can cause,” said the statement.

Interior Minister Muammer Güler recently announced that over 600 police officers and thousands of citizens have been wounded during the clashes between protesters and police.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blamed an “interest rate lobby” and the world media for fueling the protests.

@Tamyaa, I don't have to justify what is common knowledge. Also, disinformation and misinformation is a commonly used tool to detract from the facts on the ground. If you don't like my point of view, don't read the English version of a Turkish Newspaper.
Aydin. Can you tell me which European media outlets are controlled by Jews? If we look at for example Germany, Denmark, Sweden, BBC, Belgium etc etc. Are you seriously claiming that they are all owned by Jews, and that all the Jews are meeting frequently to make a strategy on how to present Turkey i...
why is he blaming jews? I thought it was iranians that were behind the protests in turkey.
The matter of fact is, the majority of the media , in particular in the West is either owned or managed by people of Jewish origin. To point this fact out is not racism or anti-Jewish, it is a fact and quie frankly , I find it obnoxious to say otherwise. As a consequence of the murder of Turkish ...
The Jewish state should understand these are not acts of friends of Turkey, Israel needs Turkey badly, he should know how to behave.
Restoration efforts are ongoing for Edirne's Büyük Synagogue (Great Synagogue) which was built upon the imperial order of Abdul Hamid II to replace 13 synagogues that burned down due to a fire 108 years ago. The synagogue functioned up until 1983, however with the emigration of the Jewish community ...
John The Priest
Jews were behind the Russian revolution (The truth is anti-Semitic) Jews openly bragged about the Russian revolution and its aftereffects at the time. They were the financiers from Warburg to Jacob Schiff (whose great-grand son recently married Al Gore's daughter, Interesting). They were the revolut...
After World War I, Jabotinsky was elected to the first legislative assembly in the Yishuv, and in 1921 he was elected to the Executive Council of the Zionist Organization (known as the World Zionist Organization after 1960). He quit the latter group in 1923, however, due to differences of opinion wi...
Mehmet Salih
If he categorically denies it, we know for sure it is true and that he is lying...
This is very embarrassing for him personally but also for Turkey.
It's just interesting how extensively Today's Zaman covers this story.
Ferhat B
Nicholas, facing his family, turned and said "What?"[1] Yurovsky quickly repeated the order and the weapons were raised. The Empress and Grand Duchess Olga, according to a guard's reminiscence, had tried to cross themselves, but failed amid the shooting. Yurovsky reportedly raised his gun at Nichola...
Lev Davidovich Bronshtein
Yes, and Atalay should also add that the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, santa claus is a muslim scholar and he, Atalay, is a responsible and intelligent person.
Atalay's hatespeech is documented on video. How sad Turkey becomes a regime-inspired antisemitic movement. Listen Atalay, you have to read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", except for "Mein Kampf" it is the best authorized source on the Jewish Conspiracy against "Great Turkey’s Way".
So, in addition to his baseless blaming of Jews, he now lies about it!
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