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Turkish Deputy PM says Jewish Diaspora behind Gezi protests

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2 July 2013, Tuesday /TODAY'S ZAMAN, ANKARA
Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has stated that external powers and the Jewish Diaspora triggered the recent protests in Turkey and worked effectively to fuel the unrest in the country.

“There are some circles that are jealous of Turkey's growth. They are all uniting, and on one side is the Jewish Diaspora. You saw the foreign media's attitude during the Gezi Park incidents; they bought it and started broadcasting immediately, without doing a [proper] evaluation of the [situation],” Atalay said on Monday while in the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale.

The Gezi demonstrations began at the end of May in protest of government plans for the redevelopment of Gezi Park in İstanbul's Taksim Square. The demonstrations spread to other provinces in the country and turned into anti-government protests.

Atalay also said the foreign media played a large role in the conspiracy and skillfully manipulated the unrest. “Those who try to block the way of Great Turkey will not succeed,” added the deputy prime minister.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Jewish Community issued a statement on its website expressing its concerns over the statements by Atalay.

“We are closely following the media and trying to obtain information about the meaning, scope and details of Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay's statement about the Jewish Diaspora being behind the Gezi protests. But, in any case, based on the fact that Turkish-Jewish citizens as well as other Jewish people living all around the globe may be affected and become the target of such generalizations, we wish to express our concerns and share our apprehension and worry about the consequences that such perceptions can cause,” said the statement.

The protests dominated the headlines of major foreign news outlets worldwide after they spread to other Turkish cities in a short period of time due to the police use of pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the thousands of people who had joined the protests.

Interior Minister Muammer Güler recently announced that over 600 police officers and thousands of citizens have been wounded during the clashes between protesters and police. Four protesters and one police officer have been killed during the protests.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blamed an “interest rate lobby” and the world media for fueling the protests.

In fact the way the mainstream Media, controlled basically by the jewish diaspora, and the way they reacted immediately through on air coverage at some well known TV Channels, grant a big credibility to the statements of the Deputy Prime Minister. Who controlls the Media was surely behind the Gezi ...
As always: Antisemitism reigns. When a country is in trouble, blame the Jews. It is easier than trying to solve your own problems.
J. Vorst
@Senol: The Ottomans did not loose their leading position due to Western colonialism either. They missed the industrial revolution, the enlightenment and rather simple things like the printing press which enabled mass education in other parts of the world.
@Senol: The Arabs lost their leading position not due to Western colonialism which was late, but as a consequence of the (Muslim) Mongol invasion in the middle ages. They never recovered from that devastating crush.
This statement by AKP members clearly indicates that they sense a huge trouble on their ways and no getting out from it. So, then why not blame the Hebrews logic kicks in for self-protection in their die-hard efforts to rally the Islamists in the country. Ain't gonna work though. People know your ev...
Turkey should introduce multiple IQ tests for ministers before they are appointed. It seems they are just intellectually unfit for the job. Unfortunately Atalay is just one example of many... Can it get worse in Turkey?
@Korhan, what's your point, the JEWS are superior to all other races...no they aren't as the logical argument shows smart people are not defined by religion but by the accomplishments. As for the TURKS and the ARAB world, they were at one stage the "So called" innovatinve people until the WEST colon...
@Rik, its not the number of Jews that matter, its the positions these Zionist hold in the USA and the business world. Everyone knows this, especially in Hollywood and the media, where its very influential in the American society. I have seen films over 60 years old with the Israeli\Zionist message. ...
Mr. Imbezile, any idea how many Jews are there in the world? About 12 million, so can your OLD RACIST brain explain to the Turkish people how these Jews make the problems of all the world? Even if you're accusing of the problems in just the Middle East, how many Muslims and Arabs are there compared ...
The order to say such a thing came from Erdoğan, and that man looks and sounds like Hitler, moustache, fingerpointing, yelling and on and on. Israel jealous of Turkey? LOL, your country has millions that live same as people's poorest in India. You're almost at the bottom of innovation. Israel is lea...
Finally it happened. Considering the sick and conspiration loving mentality of the AKP followers, I wondered when they would come with the explanation that the Gezi troubles were caused by jews. I'm only surprised that it took so long for this nonsense to come out. The best joke is the assumed reaso...
Time for yet another "Ottoman Slap"!
Gezi for Gaza? Then well done Israel! Good punishment for HAMAS friends.
this man is a coward
When in trouble, blame the Jews! It usually works, at least for a while... And the same AKP is whining about islamophobia in Europe and the US while stirring hatred towards foreigners and non-muslims. Ironic...
Lets not underestimate the Jewish lobby's influence for Israel interests, they would love to see the AKP go, I will not say they are excluse but I would not rule them out to not capitalising the opportunity. The protest ignited to such a way that one can only say it was "organised" after the initial...
There are many Turkish Jewish citizens. This is a terrible thing for a Deputy thing to say that may endanger his own citizens.
@AliA. Indeed, there is a word which adequately describes Mr. Atalay's paranoid conspiracy theories. "Nonsense..." Regards
These old people do not understand how news is dispersed in a modern age,when there is no coverage of a major breaking event, social media becomes the conduit to people worldwide. It is only natural for international media to cover and event that has sparked more than 2 million tweets. To blame inte...
modern Information Channels
Mr. Atalay is right.
So Mr Atalay claims that interest rate lobby, world media , Jewish disapora fueled this unrest. By the way, who created this unrest ?
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