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Social media working to keep Taksim crisis alive

2 June 2013, Sunday /TODAY'S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL
Although the several day-long demonstrations against the demolition of Gezi Park in İstanbul's Taksim Square have cooled off, there are still provocative and misleading news reports floating about on social media.

Apparently, some marginal groups who want to further foment the crisis are posting some inaccurate pieces of information or misleading photos on social media sites.

One such photo was posted by Birgün daily columnist Ece Temelkuran. The photo showed the police using pepper spray against demonstrators from a close distance. Temelkuran posted the photo as if it was taken in Turkey but it was actually from Boston.

Another misleading piece of information in social media were rumors that Turkey's Constitutional Court would overthrow the government if the demonstrations last for more than 48 hours but there is no such a law in Turkey.

There were also claims that the police used Agent Orange against protesters, which was not true. The use of Agent Orange is banned by the United Nations as it considers it a chemical weapon.

A tweet allegedly posted by Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu saying, “You oppose the state and the police and then expect an ambulance to show up,” was also found to be fake.

A photo showing a policeman using pepper spray against a dog also turned out to be an act of manipulation on social media as the photo was from Italy, not İstanbul.

Some Twitter users tried to attract the attention of the foreign press by likening Taksim to Egypt's Tahrir Square where the Egyptian revolution had kicked off.

Some users of social media claimed that many people have been killed and injured in the clashes with the police. It is estimated that 5 million misleading tweets have been posted about the Taksim demonstrations.

While some groups called on the government to resign posting tweets under the hashtag “tayyipistifa,” (Resign [Recep] Tayyip [Erdoğan]) some other groups have called for common sense by posting tweets under the hashtag “OyunaGelmeTurkiyem, [Don't be deceived by the games, Turkey].

OUT with the religion and erdogan from Turkey! Turkey as far as I know is a laic state so religion has no place in Turkey. The same goes for Erdogan ! Romania is supporting the Turkey protest against Erdogan ! Romania support the Turkish youth whom protest against this insidiouse govern !
gigi kent
Taksim rioters are nothing but thugs who are against area's improvement.There acts were contrary to their stated goals.What alternative option did they bring apart from destruction. This was undemocratic,anti state as well as criminal and they should be caught and imprisoned like the London riots.
Khuddadad Choudhrey
There is more misleading information on state media and the Turkish Zaman paper. Things like Erdogan saying that he is a servant of the people and he serves them. This would not be happening if he hadn't tried to impose an autocratic theocracy on a secular population.
Please don't forget to mention which pictures were NO fake, for example those pictures shown in Duman's music video clip. http://youtu.be/j4Iujr73SPY Thank you!!!
Well, IF your media wasn't controlled and scared of your PM, and IF your media reported live while the protest were happening, IF your media had not used propaganda, pro-government news reports , detailing protestors as petty violent criminals - then maybe people would not have to use social media t...
Its also ridiculous to witness at first hand...and millions of Turks have over the last few days...the almost total blackout of live media coverage....nothing on any of the hundred or so tv channels about the protests. The press instead publishes stories like this. But the people are still on the s...
tehlikeli yabanci
Social media is not keeping the protest alive. Erdogan's provocation and police riots are.
YES and when our prime minister and his party controls most media outlets through fear and journalists with imprisonment social media is the only outlet for protest
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