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Judge postpones trial citing lawyer wearing headscarf

28 March 2013, Thursday /TODAY'S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL
An Ankara judge has postponed a trial citing the presence of a headscarved lawyer at a court session despite a Council of State ruling allowing lawyers to wear the Islamic headscarf on the job.

Lawyer Zübeyde Kamalak, the wife of Felicity Party (SP) Chairman Mustafa Kamalak, attended the hearing on Thursday on behalf of her client in a divorce case at the Ankara 2nd Family Court, but the judge, İlhan Kadıoğlu, ruled to postpone the trial, saying that lawyers cannot attend hearings with their headscarves while actively practicing law, which he said is a public service.

The judge's move came in defiance of a January ruling by the Council of State suspending the application of an article from the code of practice of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB) that bans female lawyers from wearing headscarves while practicing their profession.

Kamalak reminded the judge of the Council of State ruling, but he nevertheless ended the court session, refusing to abide by the decision.

After the session, Kamalak told reporters that she and her client were wronged by the judge and called on the Justice Ministry to launch an investigation concerning the incident given the removal of the ban on the headscarf.

The wearing of the Islamic headscarf has long been a matter of contention in Turkey. A headscarf ban applies to certain public and government offices and locations in Turkey. The ban affects university students as well as those working in the public sector.

The headscarf ban in universities was eased after the Higher Education Board (YÖK) sent a circular to universities in 2010 asking them to allow headscarf-wearing students. Yet there are still some universities and professors who insist on implementing the ban.

@melyn, This is nothing to do with being an AKP member or not, it is simply the rule. if one breaks the law they will deserve punishment.
@Senol, you said "give him prison term", that automatically made me think, you got to be an AKP. Give more reasonable solution(s). Sending people to prisons just because they disagree with us or why not, is not a permanent solution. Besides, everyone must be free from any kind of oppression in this ...
I am a Turk studying in a country were the headscarf is allowed to be worn freely,the difrence is it is not used and worn by some as a politcal symbol sometimes used as a subtle intimadation like it is in Turkey and
Judges should follow the law. Isnt it rather simple?
this judge needs to be fired, he doesnt respect the law
This is a man dispensing justice, a man ensuring the letter of the law? And he ignores the law? Sack him at once and put him before a proper judge!
Proud Turk
This guy still lives in the bi-gone era when devils ruled Turkey.
A legal professional who thinks he is above the law? This is a major problem. He is not fit to continue working.
People (or Pisliks)like this judge thinks he is above the law and his personal prejudice should come into play. Hence this man should be made an example of to the rest of those who have the same mentality. Give him prison term. This is me being diplomatic, personally I would like worst but I don't w...
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