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Erdoğan says he targeted Israeli policies in Zionism controversy

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20 March 2013, Wednesday / TODAYSZAMAN.COM, İSTANBUL
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said his remarks on Zionism should not be misinterpreted by anyone, adding that his comments were directed at Israeli policies in Gaza.

In an interview with the Danish Politiken daily, Erdoğan said he stands behind his remarks against Zionism, claiming that his intent was to criticize Israel's policies of expansion in the occupied territories.

“I know that my remarks created controversy, but no one should misunderstand my statements. Everyone knows that my criticism targeted certain critical issues, particularly Israeli policies in Gaza,” Erdoğan said in what is his first response to criticism by the US, Israel and the European Union following his earlier remarks. The prime minister added that he will continue to make such criticisms until Israel recognizes the state of Palestine.

"On the other hand, we recognized and still recognize Israel as a state within the 1967 boundaries. It should not be forgotten that we have hosted in our country a number of Israeli presidents and prime ministers as part of our peace efforts," Erdoğan was quoted as telling the Danish daily by the Anatolia news agency.

"Turkey, like it did in the past, supports all international and regional efforts for a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the perspective of a two-state solution. My several speeches openly condemning anti-Semitism demonstrate my stance. In this regard, I stand behind my speech in Vienna."

During the UN Alliance of Civilizations conference in Vienna late in February, Erdoğan complained of prejudice against Muslims and said Islamophobia should be considered a crime against humanity “just like Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism.”

Erdoğan's statement received a barrage of criticism from the White House, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Israel after a video recording of the speech was released by a Geneva-based nongovernmental organization, UN Watch.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, whose recent visit to Turkey came in the midst of the controversy, also reacted to Erdoğan's remarks, saying the US does not share the same point of view. “We not only disagree with it, we found it objectionable,” Kerry added.

Kerry stressed the “urgent need to promote a spirit of tolerance, and that includes all of the public statements made by all leaders.”


Mr Erdogan's Syrian "freedom fighters" just blew-up a mosque and killed a respected 90 year old Imam. He supports Hamas, a terrorist organisation and Sudan, currently charged by the UN for genocide. The entire Sunni world is "Christophobic"- who does he think he's fooling? Not us.
@Rudophus, let's talk about flocks(not 'the flak').The goats and cows are going after and they are everywhere in the field. But the sheep's can't recognized the shepherd man who knows a better green pastures and waiting in silence to follow the Lead.
izzie does it
@raffi, how can you say that islam = peace? look at pakistan. it has nuclear weapons and is supporting terrorists. look at the islamic republic of iran. developing nuclear technology, supplying weapons to palestinians...
Is Erdogan comment on Zionism the begining of a new act in his famouse play Mas-Com-Ya ?
Ben Yacob
Tana, do you read any actual history? Not the propagandist diatribes so easily found, but actual, verified, sourced historical texts? Have you heard of the Ottoman Empire (Turks who occupied historical Palestine, among many other places), the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations Mandate for Pa...
The hypocrisy of Zionists borders on schizophrenia. Criticize their massive crimes against humanity and its anti Semitic, point out the inherent evil of an ideology that says descendants of European converts to Judaism can move from Europe, murder the inhabitants of another place, steal their land...
Erdogan has painted himself into a corner, and he knows it, and the world knows it. All his redefining of "Zionism" and his mealy-mouthed spouting of aspirations for "peace" can't hide his hatred of all things Jewish. As for the "occupied territories" perhaps Erdogan can explain why there were no o...
Islam = Peace, Zionism = Destruction
ASking for tolerance for Israel is a contradiction in terms, they are not willing to change and their cruelty has no bounds so we recognise this, we are anti semitic? I think (know) not!
The pretend outrage of Zionists is sickening to behold. They spread lies , hate and poison against Muslims day and night but whine when someone tells the truth. Believe me they know how evil they are, this is just a tactic they use to kill any critics.
The stranglehold Zionists have on the westen media means its considered anti Semitic to critacise Israeli crimes against humanity but free speak to conduct hate campaigns against Muslims. The hold Zionists have on the west makes it almost impossible to tell the truth of Israels barbarity.
All of you antizionists antisemites ,can continue to hate us . We don't care .There is nothing you can do to us.You can call us names but you ,or your"estimeed" prime minister do not frighten us.You are a bunch of cowards ,Hamas,Iran and Hizbullah backers .You committed the Armenian genocide ! You s...
...and this is why when Americans think about Turkey - if they think of Turkey at all - consider them an ally in name only. Like Erdogan says about Israel and Jews; we have nothing against the Turkish people and Islam, it's just your governments policies we don't like. They difference is, we ac...
Stalinism, Nazism, and Turkish homeland nationalism resulting in the slaughter of Armenians and Kurds are war crime. Let's all hate Stalinists, Naziis and Turks. But let's not discriminate against Turks just because they are war criminals. Erdogan logic is the best !!
Erdogan's backpedalling efforts are pathetic. What he says he meant, and what he said, are too far apart for his clarification to have any credibility. The West understands where his head is at, as well as the Turkish people's.
On this issue, Erdoğan, reformer and reactionary, is above reproach. Moreover,he has the guts to tell the truth and take the flak, defy the craven coward Obama who has failed utterly to address the core problems of the Middle East.
erdogan is showing his true colours. and those of turkey. eu take note.
Erdogan can spin this any way he wants, but everyone knows his heart. Such remarks are common by Islamic leaders, they happen all the time, just not reported as much.
Erdogan have proven to be a few of the brave politicians to speak his mind against Zionism. I hope he doesn't apologize, he must continue standing against Zionism.
Ahmetcan Caglayan
The Europeans and the Americans are not naive. Fact is they do not have the courage to stand up or speak against the monster of Zionism that they have created and supported to flourish even at the cost of mostly hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent and poor Jews around Europe nations. These v...
A. Khan
He is right, but didn't go far enough. Nationalism of all stripes is the lie that some piece of the earth belongs to one tribe and that other people who happen to live there don't really belong. The state is justified in discriminating against those who supposedly don't belong, even in deporting the...
J. S. Mill
I am a AKP supporter and I have had questions about how and why the AKP was\is successful. Did the bigger powers prompt the AKP up to redefine the Middle East, etc but now I see its actually Erdogan true and through. I and millions back Erdogan's remarks to be accurate, I just question is it smart t...
Senol-Turkic Pride
Erdogan needs to be apologizing to Israel.
Bravo Mr. Erdogan, it was long due that somebody with guts critisize and put a stop on Zionists, BRAVO
Erdogan Thank you ZIONISM=EVIL FACISM. create a numfied muslim country of Palestine syria iraq lebanon Turkey to defeat evil Zionist empire of Israel
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