17 April 2014, Thursday
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Israel delivers AWACS equipment to Turkey

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17 February 2013, Sunday /EMRE SONCAN, ANKARA
Israel, whose relations with Turkey have been strained since its troops staged the deadly attack on the Turkish ship in 2010, has finally agreed to send additional electronic systems to Turkey, which will integrate those systems into its Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) military aircraft purchased from the US.

Turkey bought four AWACS-compatible aircraft from the US in the early 2000s to beef up its intelligence capabilities. A contract to install the electronic equipment to integrate the warning system with military planes was won by Israel, which earlier delivered two of the planned systems. However, it announced in 2011, following tension that began with the passenger ship attack, that it would not be delivering the remaining two systems.

However, Tel Aviv has apparently changed its mind and has delivered the remaining parts to Ankara. The system is now at a Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) facility in Ankara. The integration of the additional parts into AWACS will be completed in weeks to come.

The ongoing Syrian conflict has posed additional challenges for Turkish national security, especially following the downing of a Turkish jet by Syria's air defense in the Eastern Mediterranean. The tensions with Israel and Greek Cyprus over the issue of gas drilling in the region have also added to Ankara's concerns as Turkey seeks to boost its early warning systems to handle the multi-dimensional challenges stemming from the numerous crises in the region.

The system allows a military aircraft to protect itself from electronic attacks targeting its controls during a flight. Israeli company IAI-Elta is manufacturing the electronic support system for the four aircraft, with the cost of the project amounting to $25 million.

A senior defense bureaucrat told Today's Zaman last month that Boeing, the manufacturer of the planes that are part of the system, had to intervene. “Boeing told Israel that their refusal to complete the delivery was hurting their business, and Israel agreed to deliver the equipment,” he said.

The AWACS craft are expected to greatly increase dominance over Turkey's own airspace. The radars on these planes are being manufactured by Northrop Grumman, another US company. Turkey is waiting on the fourth plane from Israel. Currently, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has three of the craft, fully equipped. Many Turkish defense companies, including TAI, HAVELSAN, ASELSAN, MİKES, HAVELSAN TEKNOLOJİ RADAR, KALE KALIP, SELEX and Turkish Airlines (THY), have assume responsibilities in the project.

There is no news here. Turkey had other options but decided this one was the best. Israel trusts the Turkish military to never do anything stupid because ordered by erdogan. It would never aggress Turkey unless attacked by it. Israelis love Turkey and Turks, even if that feeling is not reciprocated
@Tahni, Did say as soon as possible! Sooner the start, sooner the result. Greatness lies in self sufficiency.
The capital of Israel is Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv. Using the term "Tel Aviv has apparently changed its mind" just points out the inbalance approach of this site.
So when all the masks are down, Turkey is relying on Israeli brainpower to defend itself. This should tell you something about your relationship with the Israelis. You are reaching out to the primal backwardness offered to you by Arabism and Islamism, instead of focusing your efforts on improving li...
The dispute, disagreement, etc between Turkey and Israel is a joke. It is fodder for Turkish public consumption. Erdogan has always been a Zio-American agent, working under the table with Israel. Erdogan cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
Turkey lacks the sophisticated industry to manufacture high-tech electronic equipment like this, so they have to buy it from nations like Israel. Turkey lacks the technological base to develop such equipment, they typically only assemble electronic stuff they buy from leading industry nations.
Regarding gas exploration in previous article, I guess there might have some potential under sea, however, the best trans-pipe should go through northern Cyprus, a neutral state, Israel and Turkey should sign contract with TRNC respectively rather than face each other, it's the best solution for bot...
Build your own, don,t rely on the terrorist nation.
They should try and replace these systems as soon as possible since they probably be as unreliable as their UAVs.
israel had no choice but to deliver them, boeing told them either you supply the parts, or your getting zero contracts after this.
@Yaakov, do you really believe that Israel is really mean as you are and does not care? And do you really believe that we will use it against Israel? You Yaacov must be nuts! I love Turkey, more that I love Iran or Syria or any other ME country combine. That's why I applaud news related to RE-buildi...
What kind of a powerful and confident nation is this ? That has to rely on NATO 's patriot air defence systems and now these AWACS ? Paper Tiger , if you ask me .
My parents (from Israel ) visited in Turkey 5 times already And i want to come to visit in Turkey as soon as possible
Greetings from me
It is very nice of zionist Erdogan to donate billions to Israel while 3 million Turks are unemployed and thousands of turkish engineers are forced to leave turkey because their are no high tech jobs in Turkey. Erdogan when will you start investing in Turkey instead of donating billions to muslim kil...
Source code has been modified so Israel can defeat this system if a crisis should arise over Cyprus. Do you really believe Israel would give Turkey a system that could be used against them? Not in your life!
AliA. Turkey is hardly a high tech country. We simply do not have the competence to develop state of the art technology at an affordable price. Another option is of course to act in a way that not the entire world is "your enemies". I might be better
so how long it takes to deliver elbit’s lorop reconnaissance system?
Moral of the story is: "Proceed to manufacture your own planes and parts as soon as possible and stop relying on your enemies even for parts!".
Good news. The two countries both benefit from cooperation.
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