Serbian president due in Turkey next week to improve ties

February 01, 2013, Friday/ 11:20:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will be visiting Turkey on Monday at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart to improve bilateral relations and boost cooperation in a wide range of affairs.

A statement released by the Turkish Presidency said the visit by the Serbian president will be a response to Turkish President Abdullah Gül’s visit to Serbia in 2009 following a 23-year hiatus. Former Serbian president Boris Tadich first visited Turkey in 2007.

Gül’s visit will be sixth reciprocal visits by heads of two states in the past five years. Gül visited Serbia’s Karadjordjevo city on April 26, 2011 while President Nikolic visited Turkey in June last year as part of Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization summit.

After talks with officials in Ankara, the Serbian president will proceed to İstanbul on Tuesday during his two-day visit. Nikolic will have meetings with Turkish business circles in İstanbul.

The statement said in talks with the Serbian president, officials will review bilateral relations between the two countries with all its dimensions that has big important to restore enduring peace, stability and security in the Balkans. The officials will also exchange views on current regional and international affairs.

The statement described the visit of the Serbian president “a new phase” of intense relations between Turkey and Serbia that has accelarated in recent years and has an extraordinary benefit to the regional peace and security. It added that Nikolic’s visit will contribute to additional cooperation opportunities between the two nations.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu arrived in Serbia’s capital Belgrade on Friday. He was greeted by Turkey’s Belgrade Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay and other officials.

The foreign minister is expected to have talks with his Serbian counterpart, Ivan Mrkich, Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivitsa Dachic, Deputy Prime Minister and Trade and Telecommunication Minister Rasim Ljayic and State Minister Suleiman Uglyanin.


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