16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Turks protest Israel’s Gaza assault

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15 November 2012, Thursday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
A group of Turkish people gathered outside İstanbul's Fatih Mosque on Wednesday night, hours after Israel launched what it called a “broad operation” to root out the source of rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel.

Speaking to the crowd, Hamas Political Bureau member Ebu Imad said the Turks displayed their love towards Gaza and Palestine and added that fighters in the resistance against Israel “fear nothing.” He added that Gaza fighters could have fewer arms but “the spirit of martyrdom in their hearts is stronger than weapons of the enemy.”

Israeli aircraft, tanks and naval gunboats pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and rocket salvoes thudded into southern Israel on Thursday as terrified residents on both sides of the frontier holed up in their homes in anticipation of heavy fighting on the second day of Israel's offensive against the Palestinians.

The operation, launched in response to several days of rocket fire from the coastal territory, was Israel's most intense attack on Gaza since its full-scale war there four years ago.

Noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ordering the attacks based on his re-election calculations, Imad urged all Muslims to unite around the cause of Palestine.

Imad also thanked Turkish people for standing by the Palestinians.

Felicity Party (SP) İstanbul Provincial Chairman Selman Esmerer condemned the Israeli air strikes and said he is appealing to the international community, asking why they are silent on Palestine while supporting the rights of animals.

How can the Turks be so blind, so illogical? Israel can not stop defending themselves while missles are being launched from terrist populations? Would America tolerate even one missle being launched into any of it's cities, no! I cast part of the blame on their hateful Koran for promoting hatred and...
most definitely i'll stick with LEVENT. The PM is not even day dreaming, he is dragging us into a trouble waters. Hoping he sends his own son in front lines in defending his brothers from the whatever brotherhood, the Arabs, and sets an example, before anything else. Presumably, the protesters are i...
Chris Athens, both Hamas and israel are at the root of the problem. Hamas resorting to terror is unacceptable but Israel has a distinct lack of attention to civilian casualties when retaliating. Hamas' charter of 1988 is no longer relevant. Hamas has said they would respect a solution based on 1967 ...
The root of the problem is Hamas, which doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist and sends missiles and rockets every single week into Israeli soil.No sensible person ,or reliable goverment would accept a situation like this, so Israel reacted.When this happened, everybody started protesting, as if...
Chris Athens
Turkey is a nation with a long history. but israel is an occupying entity. it deserved to be resisted by any means. you can't compare Turkey vs PKK and Isreal Palestine conflict.you can't link these two conflicts.
Turkey never gives in to terrorism. Neither does Israel. It is as simple as that. But in Turks eyes, it is not about terrorism, it is about "good" terrorist (Hamas, Hizbollah) and "bad" terrorists (PKK). Believe me, all these Turks protesting an Israel rocket attack would shout for joy if Karaylan w...
Why is everyone getting excited here? Everyone has a right to demonstrate, whether you agree or disagree with them is irrelevant. Do you spew the same vitriole when other non muslim countries demonstrate its support of Palestine? So many Turk haters. Not every Turk supports Hamas - certainly not ...
When was the last time ethnic Turks protested against Roboski/Uludere massacre? When was the last time Turks protested against the merciless bombing of Ceylan Onkul and the senseless 13 bullets placed in the body of the 12-year old Ugur Kaymaz by Turkish police? Today, 10.000 people are placed in p...
Hamas is an Israeli tool.
Turkey is now an Islamist and terror country. How many non-Muslim tourists come to Turkey now? I can't believe that Israelis used to vacation in Turkey in the hundreds of thousands; not a penny should they ever get from any Israeli and non-Muslim I would add.
When was the last time palestians protested against the PKK? When was the last time palestians protested against the isolation of Turkish Cypriots? Since PM Erdogans dream of a muslim union we Turks have had a bad taste of Arabian welcome. NO THANKS NOT IN TURKEY. 
i love to see the hot tempered Turks marching in favor of the terror groups and later ask US and EU for help or, alas, to join the EU. the whole world see that you are supporting the Islamic terror group that even the Palestinian authority want to topple down. the days of the ottomans is over. Israe...
Did any Turk protest when turkish planes killed 30 civilians from kurdish ethnic in Uludere (Roboski), or when the shepherd girl Ceylan Onkol was hit in plain terrain by a grenade from Turkish military? Turkish population is more dedicated to HAMAS terrorists than to their own Kurdish brothers! Sham...
Pathetic to see such a demonstration in "secular" Turkey, with many of the slogans in Arabic, and some of these slogans outright anti-Semitic, directed at all Jews not only at Israel. Shame on Turkey that it is taking such a turn towards radical Islamism under the guidance of the Islamist AKP.
Why do the same Turks not protest against 5000 rockets which Hamas have launched? Because they hit jews?
israel have the same right to defense herself from terorist as turkey and other country . hamas send handred of rocket to israely city and they atack one israely army tour in our border side .some days ago . if somebody want to kill you , you sould protect yourself . israel can destroy gaza in one d...
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