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17 soldiers killed in helicopter crash in southeast Turkey

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10 November 2012, Saturday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
Seventeen soldiers were killed on Saturday when their helicopter crashed in southeastern Turkey, Turkish officials said. 

The Sikorsky helicopter reportedly crashed on Herekol Mountain, in the Pervari region of Siirt province, due to adverse weather conditions. Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydın said all of the soldiers aboard the helicopter were killed in the crash.

Fourteen of the victims were members of gendarmerie special forces and the rest were helicopter staff, he said. The soldiers were being transported to a region near Turkish border with Iraq to help troops in their fight against terrorists. Aydın said three officers, four noncommissioned officers, one special sergeant and nine privates were killed in the crash.

The governor blamed the crash on heavy fog and ruled out a terrorist attack.

"The weather during the transportation [of troops] was bad. There was extreme rain. The helicopter crashed into rocks because of the fog," Aydın said in televised statements. "The incident was the result of a crash and any kind of an attack is out of the question," he added.

The General Staff said in a statement later in the day that an investigation had been launched into the crash and that the exact cause of the accident would be determined by the end of this investigation.

The Turkish military has been carrying out operations on the mountain in recent months to flush out militants from the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) who have hideouts there.

Since summer there has been an upsurge in PKK attacks in southeastern Turkey, notably in the Hakkari region.

Commenting on the crash on Saturday, President Abdullah Gül expressed sadness over the deaths of the soldiers who he said "were travelling on a helicopter under adverse weather conditions to help their comrades." The president also slammed terrorism. "They [terrorists] cannot bring the state into line with terror," he said, adding the incident would not deter Turkey from its determination to fight the PKK.

Turkish jets and helicopters have pounded PKK positions along the border with Iraq and Iran for three days, killing 42 terrorists, Hakkari's governor said late on Friday.

More than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict between Turkey and the PKK, which launched its insurgency in 1984 with the aim of carving out a separate state in the mainly Kurdish Southeast of Turkey.

The PKK is designated a terrorist group by Turkey, the United States and European Union.


Aziz, 1. The incompetent cryto-armenian PKK terrorists have never shot down a helicopter so I doubt they figured out how to start shooting them down now. 2. They didn't even falsely claim responsibility as they have in the past.
Adam Smith
Mandal, the US has suffered similar losses of life in helicopter crashes in Afghanistan with nothing gained. Tens of thousands of US soldiers died in Vietnam at the hands of little Asian girls with nothing gained. Where's your criticism of them? How about you reserve your criticism for the leader...
Adam Smith
Tiliakos, keep dreaming. That you think there is any "civil war" in Turkiye, let alone one on the scale of the REAL civil war in Syria right now, shows how irrelevant greeks are.
Adam Smith
ken, actually we are. Of course your helicopters are better than the outdated junk the Russians use which are regularly shot down by Chechen freedom fighters but still don't you think it's pretty disgraceful the number of crashes your own military has suffered in Afghanistan? I know it's an imposs...
Adam Smith
@ john the turk: we are not in 1915. what worked for turks with armenians, will not word today with kurds. one aspect of the conflict seems to be forgotten here. turkey must solve this conflict by giving kurds a autonomy status because of the de facto kurdish states in N iraq and in N syria. thi...
Baran Your statement is idiotic as you say that the Army couldn't defeat PKK. Yes the Army is easily dealing with PKK but as long as PKK can find new recruits , the Army will keep fighting.It is not a rocket science to understand that we will have fallen soldiers during this fight. You better keep d...
john the turk
@observer, your advice to Adam Smith aka GeneralSherman etc assumes that he has a brain to use. I am not so sure your assumption is correct. He is on record as saying he is not Turkish, he does not live in Turkey and I'd say he has zero chance of being accepted as a citizen of Turkey.
Looks like those manpads are being put to good use.
Adam Smith: it appears that you are the uneducated one. You seem to be brainwashed and blind to the truth. You state you have no reason to distrust your military leaders. Tell me what all these ergenekon cases are about? Last I checked its full of cases brought against your so called military leader...
How do we know it was not downed by PKK?
right, it was an accident. or maybe, PKK brought it down. things dont look too good for the TSK. condolences to mothers and fathers of the young men that were killed. sorry, but they were killed trying to subjugate Kurds. they were invaders. Turks need to stop murdering indigenous peoples. you guys...
The Sikorsky helicopter was shot down by PKK fighters . weather or technical issues are not cause
narin berwari _Duhok
@Logic. One cannot but agree with you. It's a well-known fact that the USA is often exporting outdated or even worn out military equipment to foreign countries, including its NATO partners. And the Turkish pilots are among the best in the world.
Tragic death. May the souls of these young men rest in peace.
Never mind the PKK ......too many soldiers (and innocent civilians) have been killed in "accidents" (read incompetence of the army commanders). Last time they were killed in buses so the army could save money by not using helicopters to transport them to their posts. Now they use helicopters and st...
what a waste, my sincere and heart felt condolences to their families. Politics is responsible for their deaths, If you think there is a civil war in Syria ?? what do you think is happening in Turkey for alot longer. You are all one country and unless the politicians wise up, Turkey is going to expl...
@logic, your comments are disgusting. Produce your own damn machines then, but you can't, so stop making absurd accusations. Condolescenses to the families. So sad.
The president slammed terrorism, that's nice, except you support terrorism against non-Turks and invite, applaud
Allah (c.c.) rest his soul
mehrdad the kurdish terrorist, what are you babbling about? What "war in SE of Turkiye"? LOL, vietnam? What are you babbling about, kurd? The US got owned in Vietnam, a country it had no business in occupying. Turkiye however has killed more than 30,000 kurdish PKK terrorists and more than 40,0...
Adam Smith
Allah rahmet eylesin. kerdo, kurds are the most uneducated people in the region. You are not in a position to lecture anybody, let alone us. What you are saying is insane. We have no reason to distrust our leaders or military. You are regularly lied to by kurdish terrorist leaders who are worki...
Adam Smith
its a tragedy and i feel very sorry for the relatives of the fallen soldiers. the war in SE of turkey turns more and more into a vietnam for turkey. you can not defeat kurds via military action. they must get what they earn: they must be allowed to speak kurdish and to live their culture and they s...
These Sikorsky helicopters always seem to have problems with them. I wouldn't surprised if it was another technical error. Wouldn't be the first time soldiers were martyred as a result of American export.
I feel sorry for the young lives. I feel sorry for the Turkish people. They are indoctrinated and manipulated to just say '' RIP/ Martyrs never die'' and then thats the end of that case. Why dont Turks never ask of an investigation? How many young people are going to die in an ''accident'' before ...
this is bad news allahu be with god bless you insha allah hassan in turkeiye alanya
my sıncere condolences to theır famılıes. Peace Be Upon Them
alan haynes
May Allah grant them Heaven. Martyrs never die.
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