Two neighborhoods of Akçakale to be evacuated after mortar shell attack

October 04, 2012, Thursday/ 16:55:00/ SERKAN SAĞLAM

After a mortar shell attack in a residential district of the southeastern Turkish town of Akçakale on Wednesday, the Akçakale district governorate has started to evacuate two neighborhoods located close to the Syrian border.

In the latest blow to the already strained ties between the two neighbors, Syria fired mortar shells into Akçakale on Wednesday, killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least 13 people. In response, Turkey attacked targets inside Syria. The incident represents the most serious cross-border escalation of the 18-month uprising in Syria.

Residents of Yenimahalle Hudut Street and Ceylanpınar Street are being evacuated on instructions of the Akçakale district governorate. According to a report distributed by the Akçakale district governorate, the residents are being advised to go to the homes of relatives living nearby. Those who do not have this option will be provided with housing.

Following the incident, the residents of Akçakale started to evacuate the district.

“Due to the expansion of the conflict in Syria towards our boundaries, various substances, including explosives, shrapnel and bullets, have harmed the lives and the property of our residents. In order to prevent such substances from harming our residents, Yenimahalle Hudut Street and Ceylanpınar Street will be evacuated, and residents are requested to go to relatives who live far away from these neighborhoods,” said the report.

According to the Cihan news agency, the governor of the Akçakale district, Eyüp Fırat, managed to escape from the mortar attack. 

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