17 April 2014, Thursday
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Turkey’s Erdoğan slams Russia, says it 'stands by' massacre in Syria

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27 September 2012, Thursday / TODAYSZAMAN.COM WITH REUTERS
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lashed out at Russia, China and Iran on Thursday, saying their stance on the crisis in neighboring Syria was allowing a massacre to go on unabated.

Erdoğan has been one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's harshest critics, accusing him of creating a "terrorist state", allowing the Syrian opposition to organise on Turkish soil, and pushing for a foreign-protected safe zone inside Syria.

Washington sees Turkey as the key player in supporting Syria's opposition and planning for the post-Assad era, but Ankara has found itself increasingly isolated and frustrated by a lack of international consensus on how to end the chaos.

"The main source of disappointment is Russia. Let alone raising its voice against Syria, it stands by the massacre," Erdoğan said in an interview broadcast live on Turkish television station NTV.

"China stands by Russia, and although [Chinese President] Hu Jintao had told me they wouldn't veto the plan [for a safe zone] for a third time, they did at the UN vote," Erdoğan said.

He described Iran's position on the 18-month-old uprising against Assad as "impossible to understand".

World leaders meeting at the United Nations this week have expressed concern at the continuing violence in Syria but remain deadlocked over their response.

The United States, European allies, Turkey and Gulf Arab states have sided with the Syrian opposition while Iran, Russia and China have backed Assad, whose family and minority Alawite sect have dominated Syria for 42 years.

Protection for rebel-held areas in Syria would require no-fly zones enforced by foreign aircraft, which could stop deadly air raids by Assad's forces. But there is little chance of securing a Security Council mandate for such action given the opposition of veto-wielding members Russia and China.

China insists any solution to Syria's crisis must come from within the country, while Russia has said many Syrians still support Assad.

Erdoğan had been due to travel to New York to join the UN General Assembly meetings but cancelled his trip at the last minute. Officials cited a heavy work schedule ahead of a key ruling party congress on Sunday, but some observers said it was a sign of frustration at the international deadlock.

The violence in Syria is spiralling as Assad responds to rebel military gains with air strikes and artillery bombardment, killing hundreds every day and sending close to 300,000 refugees into neighbouring Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

"Assad's days are numbered," Erdoğan said. "He may have to leave soon, he can't resist this anymore."


@ilker.I think i said this before.If you are sitting down looking towards the Med,you better look back.There is a bear behind you.
Lots of pressure on Erdogan because he supports the innocent Syrians, not another despot. Who do you think is next? Easy to guess. Any country that oppresses its people can be the next one. China or Iran. Doesn't matter.
Realist, you've made an non-realist comment in "It can't even deal with Pkk how do you expect for Turkey to get involved in another country". You should know that guerilla warfare involves ambushes, surprise attacks followed by a quick get-away. By the time the army reacts, there's no enemy. That's ...
Erdogan is a leader whereas Putin and Hu Jintau are politicians. That's the difference. Well said Erdogan. Turkey stands for justice and peace and if this means standing up for the Syrian people despite increasing PKK attacks because of Assad's support for the PKK, Turkey will always defend justice....
@ilker.... Do you really think Turkey is so stupid? If Turkey knew it can'attack Syria and take control of it, it wouldn't wait until 10! Turkeys army is very over-rated ! It can't even deal with Pkk how do you expect for Turkey to get involved in another country ?
Ask the innocent Syrians.Which they prefer now or before PM's mingling in their country's affairs?
Considering how many people Russia killed in the lands it occupied and still occupies this come as no surprise. Recently they killed over 100,000 in Chechnya. Why would they care about dead Syrians.
reality says "LOL...At least they don't stand by terrorism Mr Erdogan...". They do, they stand by the terrorism of al-Asad, whose army killed thousands of Syrians.
LOL...At least they don't stand by terrorism Mr Erdogan...
Does this mean that we will add Russia and China to the list of countries we have bad relationships with? I am worried, because that list is getting longer and longer every day. We are getting more and more isolated and that means that no one supports us when we need help.
Someone should please tell this Ottoman dreamer not to punch above his weight. Russia's been very patient with Erdogan for his blatant support for terrorists inside Syria and the Caucasus. Payback time will arrive shortly. This idiots now have the nerve to add Russia to his long list of enemies?? Go...
Reza Khan
Good job Mr. Erdogan, keep your agressive stand against Russia, you may get back more than you can chew, Russia these days is not in the mood of Bull Shg.
Keep dreaming you Zionist Puppet
Clearly, something is wrong with the Sultan's head if it's "impossible [for him] to understand" the Iranian position on the issue. Political leaders should comprehend the motives of their foes and friends alike as well as steps taken by both.
Poor Sultan.
I dont understand a small country like Israel smashed Syria twice,and yet Turkey with the most powerfull army in the region,the growing super power, the owner of the Med, is afraid of Syria,or could the shooting down of a turkish fighter jet,caused turkey a knock out blow, out of they illusions and ...
Please after sometime, do not invite Putin in TR for AKP meeting in the Parlament! Save us from the disgrace! Would you!
What about your position mr, Erdogan? steering fitnas and violence in a neighboring country? I personaly can't understand your position! How would you react if an external power fund, suppor and harbour an armed opposition element? your position is unforgivable.
Ismail Aljazaeri
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