16 April 2014, Wednesday
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Kurdish leader Barzani, Egypt's Morsi to attend AK Party congress

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20 September 2012, Thursday / TODAY'S ZAMAN
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Massoud Barzani and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi are expected to attend the upcoming party congress of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

According to the Anatolia news agency, the two leaders are among around 100 global political leaders who are expected to attend the fourth Regular Grand Congress scheduled for Sept. 30. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is also among the expected guests.

According to information obtained from the office of AK Party Deputy Chairman Ömer Çelik, the participant list for the congress has not been finalized. The office told Today's Zaman that it was too early to confirm the participation of Morsi and Barzani.  

Morsi met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in Cairo on Monday to discuss the Syrian crisis. Recently, the Egyptian president proposed an initiative to bring together three supporters of the Syrian opposition -- Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt -- with the Syrian regime's top regional ally, Iran. Egypt has taken a stance similar to Turkey's on the Syrian crisis.

Ankara has also established closer ties with Barzani as it looks to expand business and energy stakes in northern Iraq, a rapprochement that analysts say could help Turkey gain leverage over Syria's Kurds.

Davutoğlu headed to Kirkuk early August after talks in Arbil with Barzani on Turkish concerns about Syrian Kurds. An official visit by the foreign minister to northern Iraq had long been planned as Barzani has already visited Turkey twice this year.


@Esfandyar, don't worry, Barzani knows how much he can trust the Turks. I guess after a few years, or after making enough oil money if you like, he will openly side with Iran. Economy is something really important brother.
Ferhat B
Sheikh Barzani has wiped out every honor Barzan tribe has earned in the past......Sold out to oil moneyman...
How many more Turkish soldiers has to died, until we realize that's time to cut ties with kurds at all, including with barzani.?! kurds do not want much, they want everything, and it's ain't gonna happen!
@Levent i am not saying surrender to the Turks. a european union like union where every country has its respected borders and political structure, but they have a shared market and people have the ability of moving freely inside the union.
I think that the signs are that in the near future war will break between North Iraq (Kurdistan) and the central government of Iraq in Bagdad. Bagdad will be supported by Iran and Turkey will slip to this war as to help Kurdistan. The outcome of this may be an all out war btween Turkey and Iran or m...
Ben Yacob
@Kawa, I totally disagree with you. A confederation was what our naive ancestors thought they will get from Kemal 90 years ago. They paid the price for their naivety and we are still paying for their naivety. So beware brother naivety is dangerous.
Ferhat B
@Kawa I totally agree with you.
@Matthias i see your suggestion acceptable for a con-federation between Turks and Kurds. it is clean end to the violence.
Turkey should help Middle East in its struggle for prosperity. Anqara is only hope for the countries which once ruled from Istanbul.
Barzani is a provincial actor, northern Iraq will do better by joining Turkey. Anqara could provide the best possible protection of Northern Iraqi population. Fro Edrine to Mosul - there is one solid space, which La Turqia - in other words, Turkey, the nation which was owned the region for 1000 yea...
Due his role (South Kurdistan Region President) in next session of Middle East tragedy, He should be taken participate.
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